Roma politicians in Macedonia

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Subject: Roma politicians in Macedonia

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Roma politicians in Macedonia

Roma politicians in Macedonia
ROMA politicians about the current situation in Macedonia 
15 of June 2001
Kumanovo, Macedonia
Prepared by Martin Demirovski <>
On 14th of June in Skopje, the two main Roma political leaders in
Macedonia, Mr. Nezdet Mustafa and Mr. Amdi Bajram had their political
engagement toward the current situation on Macedonia.
Amdi Bajram and the press conference in the Macedonian Informative
According to the information from the Roma broadcast in the national
Makedonska Televizija (Macedonian Television) presented on Friday,
15th of June, Mr. Amdi Bajram the Roma deputy in the Macedonian
Parliament on 14th of June 2001 organized a press conference in the
Macedonian Informative Centre.
The press conference was about the concern of the Roma political
party, Union of Roma and other national minority political parties in
Macedonia about their non-involvement in the political negotiation
process about the current crises in Macedonia.
Mr. Bajram at the press conference expressed his and the concern of
party why Roma are not included in the political negotiation process
where just the two main Macedonian (VMRO DPMNE and SDSM) and the other
two main Albanian political parties (DPA and PDP NDP) take part.
Also Mr. Bajram addressed several facts to the Macedonian Government
and president Trajkovski where he explained that 600 000 people from
Macedonia belong to non-Macedonians and no-Albanians i.e. Roma, Serbs,
Turks, Vlahs, Egyptians etc. He is amazed of the non-willingness of
Mr. Trajkovski to invite Roma and the others in the negotiation
process where they talk about the future of Macedonia.
Because at those meetings mainly will be discussed the changes in the
Macedonian Constitution, Mr. Bajram thinks that all the other national
minority groups deserved to be invited in the process because they
need to express opinions about their further status and rights in
The same concern is addressed to the International communities, which
are scared and worried just for the Macedonians and Albanians in
Macedonia stated Mr. Bajram. He asked the International communities
why when they come to Macedonia to help with advice to the Macedonian
Government how to solve its problem, do not invite Roma because Roma
have big percentage of the population in Macedonia.
And to the end of the press conference Mr. Amdi Bajram sent a message
to all the parties involved in the solving of the crises in Macedonia
to think more carefully and for the next round of meetings of the
negotiation political process to invite all the political parties of
all the national minorities in Macedonia.
Note: Just for an information, the political negotiation process
toward solving of the current crises organized by Mr. President
Trajkovski started on 14th of June in the afternoon, after the
negotiation meeting with the International representatives Mr. Javier
Solana - high commissioner for security in European Union and Mr.
Robertson - secretary general of NATO. There were many speculations
that the meeting will be in Ohrid, some secret places in Skopje but
finally the TV stations found out that the negotiation meeting is in
the house of the Macedonian Assembly in Skopje.
On 15th of June the news of TV Sitel confirmed the place and the
people who take part at that meeting.

Meeting with Mr. Nezdet Mustafa - mayor of Roma municipality Shuto
Orizari, Skopje and the Ambassador of OSCE monitoring mission, Mr.
Carlo Ungaro
On 14th of June, the Ambassador Carlo Ungaro had a meeting with the
mayor, Mr. Nezdet Mustafa and the members of the municipality council
of Shuto Orizari.
There are 95 percents Roma and the other 5 percents belong to
Albanians, Macedonians and Boshniaks, which means this is a
multiethnic municipality where Roma are majority. The municipality
council is structured on the same basis as the population structure in
the municipality is stated the mayor.
The interviews given to the some of the media in Macedonia are saying
that Mr. Nezdet Mustafa asked the Ambassador Ungaro for a
participation of Roma in the dialog between the two Macedonian and two
Albanian political parties announced by the president Trajkovski. Roma
in the political dialog have to take the role of mediators between the
two political sides. About this Mr. Ungaro promised that would forward
the message to the president Trajkovski.
Mr.Ungaro underlined that the municipality has to keep further the
same harmony between all this national minorities, as it is now, even
that we have such a situation in Macedonia. He strongly believes the
mayor and the municipality council and their efforts toward that. We
cannot allow the Kosovo example to be duplicated in Macedonia that
means that all the people who live in the community have to show the
solidarity and help the country to stop the crises stated Mr. Ungaro
during the phone call with the writer of the report.
Having the reactions of the Roma and the other national minority
politicians freely could be prognosticate that something like the
Dayton agreement will be produced soon. Maybe, we can expect that the
new constitution of Macedonia will say that two enthites (Macedonians
and Albanians) and others (without mentioning the other national
minorities) live in Macedonia. But we have to bear in mind that the
Dayton, currently is criticized as a non-Human Rights document.

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