NGOs and UN: Global Network established

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Subject: NGOs and UN: Global Network established

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NGOs and UN: Global Network established 

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In order to facilitate the work of NGOs worldwide and to promote
communication between NGOs and the United Nations system, a global
network is being created that will link NGOs among themselves and to
the UN. This network is coordinated by regional NGO coordinators.

These coordinators will advise other NGOs wishing to obtain
consultative status at the United Nations and facilitate the
accreditation process. The coordinator for Eastern Europe and Central
Asia is International Association 'Znanie', which has general
consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United
Nations. We invite all NGOs interested in obtaining consultative
status at the United Nations or interested in widening their scope and
outreach to read the following information and to join in this

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations has
emphasized the importance of promoting a representative and inclusive
relationship with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and is
granting consultative status to a steadily increasing number of
organizations from a wide range of countries. A significant number of
such organizations, however, find themselves subject to financial and
logistical constraints that effectively limit their ability to make
full use of their consultative status with ECOSOC, particularly, in
regard to participation at the international level.

A key problem is the difficulty of establishing and maintaining
regular contact between the NGOs in these regions and with the NGO
Section in New York owing to geographic dispersion, travel problems
and inadequate communications systems. These organizations are
therefore often deprived of current information and opportunities to
participate in UN activities either regionally or internationally. In
1999, the General Assembly recommended that the NGO Section "work to
improve the exchange of information through informal networks of
country or regionally-based NGOs in consultative status with the
ECOSOC, which will serve as links between the NGO Section and NGOs in
each region".

For this purpose the 'NGO Informal Regional Network' has been created.
It will be a means of drawing even the smallest and most isolated
organizations into a system that provides information and support and
the opportunity for collaborative action. Furthermore, the NGO
Informal networks will provide a forum for exchange of views,
information dissemination and practical experiences of cooperation
with other UN system agencies in the respective fields covered by the 
networks. It would thus contribute to the harmonization of individual
efforts of UN system agencies in their endeavor to foster cooperation
with civil society at large.

One of the most important aspects of the proposed network system is
the possibility of providing national and regional organizations with
the practical tools to make a tangible contribution to the work of
ECOSOC and to add the NGO perspective to the deliberations of that
body, particularly the discussions of the High Level Segment. The
networks offer the potential for sharing expertise and resources of
every description to support joint NGO action within and among regions
thereby enhancing their significance and strengthening their impact.
It is intended that the networking capacity be exploited to the
fullest in following up the outcome of all major international
meetings, particularly the outcome of the Millennium Summit that
resulted in a declaration of the political will of the world's leaders
to achieve certain objectives for the betterment of humankind.

The NGO Informal Network will be supported through the intermediary
activities of designated organizations in consultative status with the
Economic and Social Council that have recognized standing within a
particular area of expertise. Five such organizations have been
identified in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Western Asia/Arab States,
Eastern Europe and CIS, Latin America, Western Europe and other

International Association Znanie has been selected regional
coordinator for Eastern Europe and the CIS. It will serve as an
advisor and facilitator to ALL NGOs WISHING TO OBTAIN CONSULTATIVE
STATUS AT THE UNITED NATIONS. In the near future it will also provide
a network that will unite NGOs in Russia and the CIS with the help
communication platforms, databases with useful information for NGOs,
possibilities for education and training, and help in obtaining
funding for NGO activities.

This network is now starting and we invite all NGOs in Eastern Europe,
Russia and the rest of the CIS, to join in. We urge interested NGOs to
contact us.


Patrick van de Coevering
Counsel to the President
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Fax: +7 (095) 9412353

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