Regional conference of Caucasian NGOs working on migration

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Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 11:09:55 +0200 (EET)
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Subject: Regional conference of Caucasian NGOs working on migration

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Regional conference of Caucasian NGOs working on migration

June 18, 2000
On June 11, 2000 Representatives of HAYAT (Azerbaijan), UNA (Georgia)
and ASA (Armenia) have organized in Tbilisi a regional conference of
Caucasian NGOs working on migration. 10 NGOs from Azerbaijan, 8 from
Armenia and 4 from Georgia have participated in the conference. All of
these NGOs have been awarded small grants to implement their projects
in migration field, as part of NGO Migration Sector Development
Project, funded since 1997 by International Organization for Migration
(IOM) and implemented by the above mentioned NGOs in three
TransCaucasian republics.
The conference was aimed at promoting regional cooperation between
NGOs, involved in the migration field, as well as exchanging work
experience and sharing ideas for the future joint projects. The
working day was divided into working groups by topics, where NGO
representatives made presentations of their projects and conducted
brainstorming session on possible joint projects. After that,
representatives of each working group made a presentation of their
work and proposed a list of new ideas and suggestions.
In the afternoon conference participants discussed regional issues on
trafficking, irregular migration, migration and health and called for
the continuation of CIS CONF process.
HAYAT will continue to implement "NGO Migration Sector Development
Project" for the purposes of strengthening NGO migration sector in
Azerbaijan by giving grants and conducting training as well as in
order to raise awareness of migration issues among public and
Fariz Ismailzade
HAYAT Migration Resource Center

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