Advisory Committee on Framework Convention visits Romania

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Subject: Advisory Committee on Framework Convention visits Romania

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Advisory Committee on Framework Convention visits Romania

Advisory Committee on Framework Convention for Protection of National
Minorities visits Romania

STRASBOURG, 16.06.2000 - A delegation of the Advisory Committee on the
COUNCIL OF EUROPE's Framework Convention for the Protection of
National Minorities will visit Bucharest next week (19 – 21 June 2000)
in the context of the monitoring of the implementation of this
convention in Romania. The visit is the fifth country-visit conducted
by the Advisory Committee since its establishment in 1998. The
Committee is composed of 18 independent experts elected by the
Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. 

Romania submitted its first state report under the Framework
Convention in June 1999, and the delegation of the Advisory Committee
will be in Romania in order to seek further information. The
delegation will meet representatives of the Government and other
relevant sources, including members of Parliament, People’s Advocate,
representatives of communities and NGOs as well as other experts. On
the basis of this and other information, the Advisory Committee will
subsequently adopt an opinion on how Romania has implemented the
various articles of this new human rights convention of the Council of

The delegation visiting Romania includes the following members of the
Advisory Committee: Mr. Dimitar GELEV (FYROM), Ms Marju LAURISTIN
(Estonia) and Mr Alan PHILLIPS (UK). 

In addition to the report submitted by Romania, the Advisory Committee
has received state reports for analysis and opinion from the following
countries: Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Malta, Russian
Federation, San Marino, Slovakia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.
These State reports have been made public.

The initial report submitted by Romania, as well as other
documentation related to the Framework Convention and its monitoring,
is available at the new Minorities Web site of the Directorate General
of Human Rights at 

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