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Subject: Fwd: New website: Minority issues in Georgia

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Fwd: New website: Minority issues in Georgia

From: Varlam Tchkuaseli [mailto:minority@europe.com]
Dear all,
Let me inform you that new online journal has just been issued in
Georgia. Minority Web is the first and most comprehensive resource on
minority problems in Georgia.
Visit it at: http://minority.iatp.org.ge
In this issue you will find:
1. Facing up to Religious Intolerance in Georgia
The recent developments in the country, most of which often do not
attract media attention, could have     long-term influence on the
evolution of Georgian statehood. We witness the demise of civic
cognizance in the country. Latest events draw a scaring picture of the
rise of fundamentalism in Georgian society.
2. Assessment of the Political Environment in Georgia: Prospects for
ethnic minorities
Social crisis in Georgia is deepening. Georgian statehood once upon a
time presented by the state leadership as a solid mansion turned to be
a hut that is decaying on the eyes of its citizens.
3. Civil involvement in repatriation process: The issue of deported
Now we discuss whether or not the deported Meskhetians would return,
but about how, where, by what system and of with what status would
they return and further adapt.
These and more at http://minority.iatp.org.ge
Read the articles and engage in live discussion forum on the site.
You can also contribute to the database of minority related resources.
P.S. The web site is not finally accomplished yet. Some links do not
Varlam Tchkuaseli
Minority Web

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