Racial intolerance in Russia?

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Subject: Racial intolerance in Russia?

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Racial intolerance in Russia?

I am well aware of the growing ethnical, racial and religious
intolerance that takes place in the to-days Russia. I was shocked to
observe the enforced narrowing of the gap between Russian (as
ethnicity) and Rossyiskiy (as nationality), stressing that in Russia
there should be one common religion - Orthodox, growing intolerance
against Jews and Muslims, etc.
More than that - yesterday Russian TV channel NTV program
"Segodnjachko" aired a reportage on a black ophthalmologist's domestic
problems in Jaroslavlj, Russia - again and again his neighbours write
and send collective letters to city authorities that they would not
tolerate to live next to a black person. The neighbours say he should
chose another neighbourhood or, even better, go back to Africa. The
story did not reveal any official authority opinion, and it appears
that the black doctor just changes his neighbourhood as he feels bad
to live where he is intolerated and assaulted for his race.
What surprised me even more is that the TV presenters did not comment
the story seriously, and the story itself was more of the "curious
story" range, but not revealing serious social problem.
What is going on in Russia? Are there any publications on the subject?
Internet sites? Discussion groups? I'd love to speak on that.
Thank you in advance.
Anda Celma

>From the moderator: Just a few publications which might be relevant. 

MINELRES posting of 21 Dec 1999 devoted to the plight of Azeri
minority in Russia:

Situation of the Kurdish ninority in Nizhni Novgorod:

Posting on anti-semitism in Russia:
(see also UCSJ news on Russia at

MINELRES posting of 16 Nov 1998 offers explanation for one (definitely
not only) reason for growing Russian militant nationalism: 

RUS-NAT is a trilingual (French-English-Russian) cross-disciplinary
list devoted to the discussion of all aspects of Russian nationalism
and related issues: 
For more details, see MINELRES posting 11 Apr 2000:

Some more relevant materials:

ECRI report on Russian Federation: 

"Memorial" Human Rights Center report on Russia's compliance with

For more, see MINELRES Russia page:

as well as websites of some Russian human rights NGOs, in particular: 

"Memorial" Human Rights Center:

St. Petersburg NGO "CITIZENS' WATCH": 

Human Rights Online

For more NGOs, see the list at

Of course, the list above is very far from being complete. Hope the
MINELRES list members will add more.


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