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Subject: Recent updates to the CEMES website

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Recent updates to the CEMES website

from CEMES:

Dear Colleague,
We believe that a number of recent updates to the CEMES website   may be of interest to you.

Under the programme heading 'Migrants in European Cities' you will
find information on a forthcoming conference organised by the
MigCities Network. The conference, which will take place in Cologne,
Germany between 6 to 9 April, is on the theme 'Ethnic Neighbourhoods
in European Cities: Entrepreneurship, Employment and Social Order'.
The organiser, Professor Juergen Friedrichs, would be pleased to
receive proposals for papers. Fuller details of the conference, and
contact information can be found on <>

CEMES is continuing its efforts to update and maintain the on-line
directory, 'Ethnic Studies in Europe: A Survey of Research Centres and
Resources'. This unique resource contains information from almost 40
counties on organisations and academic departments involved in
research on race and ethnic relations. We are always keen to consider
suggestions for new additions to the Directory, and if you know of
relevant organisations that are not currently included, we would be
very pleased to hear from you. Please contact Catherine Lang at

Other recent updates to the CEMES website include the contents listing
of the January 2000 issue of the 'Journal of Ethnic and Migration
Studies' (JEMS). The issue contains contributions on anti-immigration
sentiment and nativist political movements in France, Germany and the
USA (Joel Fetzer); Ethnic minority political representation in the UK
(Shamit Saggar); Mechanisms of migration from Poland before and during
the transition period (Krystyna Iglicka); and national identity and
the attitude towards foreigners in multi-national states (Bart Madden,
Jaak Billiet and Roeland Beerten). Alice Bloch writes on refugee
settlement in Britain, while Maria Appelqvist addresses the Swedish
decision to grant Bosnian refugees permanent residence in a context
where all other European governments were offering temporary
protection. Anthony Richmond reviews Canadian research in an article
on 'Immigration policy and research in Canada: pure or applied?';
Milica Markovic and Lenore Manderson report on the labour market
experiences of women from the former Yugoslavia in Australia. In a
contribution to the journal's 'Debates' section, Mairtmn Mac an Ghaill
explores the question of 'The Irish in Britain: the invisibility of
ethnicity and anti-Irish racism'.

JEMS is pleased to announce two special issues. October 1998 saw the
publication of an issue devoted to the theme 'Ethnic mobilisation and
political participation in Europe'. Guest-edited by Marco Martiniello
and Paul Statham, the issue also includes contributions by Zeev
Rosenhek, Ruud Koopmans, Dirk Jacobs, Lise Togeby , Maritta Soininen,
Cicile Pichu, Meindert Fennema and Jean Tillie.

In April 2000, JEMS will be publishing a special issue on comparative
state responses to ethnic conflict, guest-edited by Cristiano
Codagnone. Contributors include Hassan Bousetta, Andrea Kriszan, Will
Kymlicka, Daniele Conversi, Giuseppe Sciortino, Vassily Filippov,
Valery Stepanov, and Dirk Jacobs. Information on the Ethnobarometer
conference that gave rise to this special issue is available on the
CEMES website (via links from the JEMS special issue page, or from the
Ethnobarometer pages).

The JEMS pages include the contents up to the most recent issues, and
for issues published more than one year ago, also the full abstracts
of articles. We have recently added, for example, the abstracts of the
extremely well-received October 1998 special issue on 'The European
Union: immigration, asylum and citizenship', which was guest-edited
for JEMS by Adrian Favell. In case you or your organisation does not
already receive JEMS on a regular basis, you may like to know that the
publisher would be happy to supply a complimentary sample copy. To
request this, follow links from the JEMS pages on

Yours faithfully,

Malcolm Cross

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