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Grassroots Good News / January 2000 Edition

"Grassroots Good News" / January 2000 Edition


1.      The Development and Peace Foundation
2.      Surf for Human Rights Information
3.      Peace Magazine Website
4.      "Sustainability Review"
5.      On-line Monitoring of Russian Elections

1.      The Development and Peace Foundation

The website of the German foundation Stiftung Entwicklung und Frieden
(SEF) contains a total of 130 documents and offers around 200 links to
other websites dealing with global issues. The English version of the
website contains all original English-language texts and publications,
plus English summaries of many German-language texts. Its sections

Gives information on the creation and development of the Foundation,
its aims, constituent bodies, staff, and cooperation-partners.

What's New
Lists the latest additions to our website. These can also be found
under the relevant rubric. Attention is drawn in particular to
forthcoming events. Further information on these, and the relevant
registration forms, can be requested by e-mail.

Focus Areas
Contains explanatory notes on the Foundationīs guiding theme, i.e.
global governance and on our key areas of activity: Sustainable
development / peace / transformation in central, eastern, and
south-eastern Europe. It
is followed by a list of the most relevant texts available at our
website, arranged by focus area.

Describes the Foundationīs various publications series.  Many
publications, notably the Policy Paper series and SEF News, are
accessible in full at our website.  For others, there is a detailed
description of contents and a facility for ordering copies by e-mail.

Foundation events are documented in the form of programmes and
background notes plus reports and press articles.  It is also possible
to access lecture-notes, position-papers, and other texts relating to
individual events.

Our links page is intended to make it easier for you to find further
information on global issues.  We have compiled links on the following
topics: Global governance / develop-ment / peace / the environment /
the world economy / human rights / geographical re-gions /
miscellaneous. Each topic-area begins with information on two or three
major groups of links, and these are followed by a list of individual

The SEF Website can be found at

2.      Surf for Human Rights Information

Derechos Human Rights offers a program designed to help NGOs find and
access human rights information from the world wide web.

The internet has now become a primary source for information of all
kinds. Much of this material can be of great use for human rights
groups, but the high costs of telephone communications in most
countries make surfing the web prohibitively expensive for many.  In
addition, many groups lack the know-how and/or the time, necessary for
find-ing the information they seek.

The Surf for Human Rights Program provides human rights NGOs with free
web-searching services. When a human rights NGO sends a request for
information to the program, volunteer surfers will search the internet
for the information, and will send the results to the NGO via e-mail.
All Human Rights NGOs are invited to take advantage of this free
service. If your organization is interested in using it, please
contact or go to the web site surf/ngos.html)

3.      Peace Magazine Website

Peace Magazine supports the promotion of peace and advocating human
rights. With its new updated website, it
provides a strong, educated, and effective voice to the on-line
public. The site, like the magazine, informs readers of peace
initiatives around the world, and raises awareness of the violations
against the global community. There you will find a large portion of
each of the back issues including in the fall 1999 issue, the second
of a three-issue exploration into "human security". There is also an
on-line archive with articles featuring on

- soft power
- reconciliation projects
- a culture of peace: community dialogue, gun control,
- strengthening social and economic rights
- updates from Rwanda, Serbia, Burma, Sarajevo, Kosovo, and other
war-torn regions around the world
- nonviolence in Aboriginal societies
- grassroots activism.

The next issue, Winter 2000, will continue to discuss human security,
its policies and procedures. And, in upcoming issues we will interview
Louise Arbour about the War Crimes Tribunal, and Canadian Foreign
Minister Lloyd Axworthy.

4.      "Sustainability Review"
is published every other week for those interested in the most current
information on ideas, methodologies, tools, and success stories
involving people, places, and organizations attempting sustainable
development by their integration of economic, environmental, and
social equity issues into problem-solving actions. The newsletter
wants to address the many views presently held about sustainable
development in order to stimulate an open dialogue. It promotes the
work of organizations and firms specializing in areas of sustainable
development and encourages people around the world to think & act
sustainably by providing information & unique services. It assists all
stakeholders of watersheds, coastal zones, rural communities, & urban
regions to integrate their environmental, economic, and social equity
issues toward sustainable devel-opment actions. Contact if you want to know more or to subscribe.

5.      On-line Monitoring of Russian Elections

The Russian journalists association, some Russian NGOs, the Indem fund
( / and the Russian Election
Commission encourages Russian citizens to monitor the forthcoming
parliament and president election in Russia on the Internet to make
election procedures more transparent and increase the general
commitment towards more citizens' participation on political issues.

(from GGN correspondent Julia Larina - - at Kazan)

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