Armenian Weekly Launches Web Site

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Subject: Armenian Weekly Launches Web Site

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Armenian Weekly Launches Web Site

Dear All,
Anyone interested by events surrounding the Republic of Armenia and
the Armenian Diaspora may be interested to know that a new web site
was launched on 6 January 2000 by The Armenian Weekly/Hairenik
Association. Featuring feature articles and photojournalism from
Armenia and abroad, it also includes many interviews with decision
makers and officials and can found online at:
In the first issue, interviews with Pamela Gomez - the Caucasus
Director of Human Rights Watch - identify concerns with the legal
system in the Republic of Armenia, and Katica Cekalovic - the United
Nations Residential Representative to Armenia - explains UN activities
and priorities in the country. Other articles deal with the situation
of Armenian youth and the Assyrian community in Armenia. An analysis
of the Ocalan trial in Turkey and how it has affected the Yezidi
minority in the Republic of Armenia also highlights how the Kurdish
National Liberation Movement is expanding its influence into the
Over the coming weeks and months we hope to expand the online magazine
and involve the work of Armenian writers and photojournalists
throughout the world as well as in Armenia.
Onnik Krikorian
Below are excerpts fromt he Armenian Weekly/Hairenik Press Release
announcing the web site.
January 6, 2000

Contact: Armenian Weekly
80 Bigelow Ave.
Watertown, MA 02472
(617) 926-3974
The Armenian Weekly Launches Web Site
The Weekly's Web site will become much more than an online version of
the paper; in fact, its intent is not to replicate the newspaper's
contents. Rather, the Web site aspires to become a premier source of
information on Armenians in the Diaspora and Armenia by taking a new
approach to communication on Armenian issues.
The aim of the site is to reach the broadest possible audience:
anyone, anywhere in the world interested in Armenian affairs. And more
than being an information source, the Web site is intended to generate
dialog and an ongoing exchange of ideas and differing points of view
among Armenians themselves as well as between Armenians and others.
This approach fits nicely with the editorial position of the Armenian
Weekly: "We at the Weekly have never been much for being bystanders.
This year we want noise, commotion - we want to hear from more of you
about your concerns regarding Armenian issues. We want honest dialogue
and a true effort to bring various parts of our communities together.
We want to see more inclusion of the arts and intellectual activity.
We want to see young people express their views and feel welcomed and
Visit the Armenian Weekly Web Site at the following URL:
The site will be periodically updated over the coming weeks and
months; those who provide their email address via the 'about the
newspaper' page in the site will be notified of the updates.
The following is the Web site's current table of contents:
A Very Special Occasion: Archbishop Mesrob Ashjian speaks about the
1700th Anniversary of Christianity
History in the Making
The construction of the St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral
A Cultural void?
The Ministry of Culture attempts to fill the gap
Prime Minister Assassinated:
Reports from the scene
Setting the agenda for the new millennium:
The Armenia-Diaspora Conference
Artsakh TV turns its cameras towards peacetime:
Nagorno Karabagh state television
Communication for the new millennium
Armenian state television
Developing Contemporary Youth Culture
Popular music in Armenia
A National Youth Policy for Armenia
A new government concept paper and a national council of youth
Ambassadors of Youth
The Anahit cultural and historical students club
Integrating the disabled into society
The Pyunic Union for the disabled
A look at the Assyrian Community in Armenia
A vibrant component of cultural diversity
Five Years On
Onnik Krikorian fulfills a five-year old promise
Internationalizing the Kurdish Question
Ocalan, the Kurds and the Caucasus

Last of the Fedayis
Remembering Tatul Krpeyan
Henry Morgenthau III:
The Armenian Genocide Revisited

Dr. John Mitchener
Britain's Ambassador to Armenia ends his term
Pamela Gomez
Caucasus Director, Human Rights Watch

Katica Cekalovic
United Nations Residential Representative in Armenia

New Kids on the Block
Armenian Forum enters its second year
My summer journal
Armen Sevag recalls his visit to Armenia
The Armenians
Shadows of a forgotten Genocide by Armene Gavoor

Ten Years On
Edmond Terakopian examines the legacy of the 1988 Armenian Earthquake
A look into the lives of Armenians
Portraits of life in Armenia and Karabagh by Onnik Krikorian

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