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Fostering minority participation and integration in the Balkans (2009)
Series: Minority Rights in Practice in South Eastern Europe

- Content
The equal participation of ethnic minorities is a major challenge for
the sustainability of democratic transition in South-East Europe.
Minority rights protection is also a key factor for the European
integration of the countries of this region. In recent years their
governments have made a major effort to adapt their legislation to
international standards. However, despite the emerging legal provisions
and mechanisms, real participation of ethnic minorities in decision
making is very limited.

These are some of the challenges that have been addressed by the
"Minority Rights in Practice" project in nine countries of South-East
Europe from 2004 to 2008.

This report summarizes some of the outstanding achievements of the MRP
NGO partners in such areas as legal change, education, local governance,
capacity building, public awareness, media, European integration at
local, national regional and international levels. It sets out
recommendations for further action in the light of recent trends and
developments in the field of minority rights in the Balkans.

- Author(s): 
Florian Bieber, University of Kent, Canterbury and Mariana
Milosheva-Krushe, consultant.

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Order number: 1943; ISBN 978-90-5130-673-6
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