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Toon MACHIELS, delegated administrator of Vroem (Belgian NGO for
Roma/Travellers) wrote a book on methodologies for integration of Roma.

Title: Laat maar zitten… Integratie van  Roma is een doe-woord (Never
mind … Integration of Roma is a verb)

Teachers, school mediators and directors, streetcorner- integration- and
community development workers; volunteers and professionals … already
over  10 years hundreds of them engage in grass roots work with Roma in
Flanders and Brussels.

Deeply committed, very creative and often on their own..

But they can show some results. Especially in accompanying Roma children
and youth to education.

This book brings together what lives at this grass root level. It
analyses the specificity of Roma groups and its causes. It detects the
core points in integration and designs a way out towards a better social
cohesion between Roma and gadge.

Through testing questions and practical advises it becomes the firts
handbook for everybody who wants to engage for and with Roma … but also
with other ethnic minorities, for who is prepared to read between the

Tips and tricks are presented on topics as:
- Mediation
- Teambuilding and coaching, with special attention to coaching of
        o Roma mediators
        o Gadgo mediators
        o Professionals in regular institutions like schools
- Project development
- Local policy

It is meant to be an interesting book for public servants, police men
and mayors, policy makers including the ministers.  

Bredeweg 55
B-3723 Kortessem
+32 0498-929622

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