MINELRES: New publication: Special Issue of JEMIE 1/2009

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Sat Oct 10 11:37:40 2009

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ECMI is delighted to announce the publication of a new issue of JEMIE.

Issue 1/2009
Special Issue on Civil War and Conflicts

Challenges to Civil War Research: 
Introduction to the Special Issue on Civil War and Conflicts 
by Dorte Andersen, Ulrike Barten, and Peter S. Jensen 

Disaggregated Perspectives on Civil War and Ethnic Conflict:
Prospects for an Emerging Research Agenda
by Tim Dertwinkel

Legalization of Civil Wars: 
The Legal Institutionalization of Non- international Armed Conflicts
by Kenneth Ohlenschl?ger Buhl

The Breakup of a Composite State and the Construction of a Nationalist
Conflict: Denmark and the Duchies in the 19th Century
by Steen Bo Frandsen

A Simple Tool Needed in a Complex Situation:
A Development Worker's Perspective on the Use of Vocational Training to
Augment the Peace Process in Sudan
by Frank

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