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First group of Roma sent back to Kosovo   
29 September 2009 
Source: Tanjug 
PRISTINA -- Several dozen refugees that arrived in Germany prior to,
during and after the 1999 conflict have been returned to Kosovo and

Most of the refugees are Roma who have been living in Germany without
having their status regulated, according to Albanian language media in
Pristina, though there are people of other ethnicities in the group as

With this reparation, the return of Kosovo resident from various
European countries has officially begun, according to the agreement
signed between the Kosovo government and European Union. 

There are an estimated 50,000 Roma from Kosovo living in Western
European countries, most in Germany. They are all expected to return by
the end of 2010. 

Pristina-based human rights organizations point out that the return
process "could increase social problems in Kosovo" and that the social
situation in Kosovo "does not offer any guarantees of this process

The pace of the return will "only increase the already high levels of
poverty, unemployment and crime in Kosovo", they

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