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Mediacentar Sarajevo announces
an invitation to authors
for awarding stipends for research papers
on the topic of

representation of minorities in media in south east europe

Mediacentar Sarajevo is conducting a research project on ways, methods
and strategies of representation of minority groups and their members in
media in South East Europe. In the context of this research, the term
minority encompasses minority ethno-cultural collectivities and gender
minorities. Countries covered by the project are Bosnia-Herzegovina,
Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Kosovo.

Publication of a book on media representation of minorities and
marginalized social groups in South East European countries, with
authors' articles from each country covered by the project, is
planned for early 2010.

A total of eight research papers will be published and authors whose
papers are published will receive stipends for covering the costs of

Details of the invitation

Mediacentar Sarajevo invites potential authors to propose
articles/research papers allowing a detailed examination of models of
representation of minority groups and their members in media. It is of
particular importance to emphasize that this research focuses precisely
on patterns of representation of minorities in media, rather than to
general overviews of the situation in the individual countries and case
studies which will be relevant only in the given context. Without
disregarding the fact that the issue of minorities is essentially
specific for each country, the research is designed to correlate the
specific issues covered within it with theory, as well as with the
situation in this field in the region itself. Not only will this
contribute to situating the specific issue in an appropriate theoretical
framework, but that general framework in this field will be enriched
with specific, practical insights from the given South East European

A. guidelines for proposals of research papers

- Proposals should be written in one of the following languages:
English, Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian.

- Proposals should not be longer than 1,000 words.

- Proposals should define the following:
        o Description of topic
        o Theoretical framework
        o Methodological approach
        o List of basic literature and sources that will be used.

The proposals must be related to an original research paper that should
be written specifically for this project. Mediacentar Sarajevo will not
accept proposals of research papers/articles which at the time of
submission of the proposal are being reviewed or were already published
or accepted for publishing in a magazine, presentation in conferences or
publishing in another publication.

- Proposals should be sent to Mediacentar Sarajevo no later than 30
March 2009.

B. requirements

Eligibility for research stipends:

- Authors with considerable experience in research and publishing
related to issues of representation of minorities in media in countries
covered by the project; and/or authors with considerable experience in
research in the field of media in general, who can demonstrate in their
research proposal their competence to work on a research project that
concerns the specific topic of minority groups and media; and/or authors
with considerable experience in research in the field of human rights
and minority rights, who have so far not dealt with aspects of media
representation of minority groups, but who demonstrate in their research
proposal their competence to work on a research project that concerns
the relationship and correlation between minorities and media.

- Knowledge of one of the following languages: English, Bosnian,
Croatian or Serbian.

C. topics

We are interested in papers covering some of the following topics:

- Representation of minority groups in media contents: symbolic
boundaries and minorities in media;

- Discriminatory practices in representation of minorities in mainstream

- Minority media and minority programs in mainstream media;

- The web and minority groups;

- Members of minorities as journalists and editors in mainstream media;

- Influence of representatives of minorities on defining media and
editorial policies in the area of programming devoted to minorities;

- Roma and media;

- Gender minorities and media;

- Religious minorities and media;

- Minorities, nationalism and media;

- Strategies of inclusion of minority groups in the public space;

- Media policy and minority groups: Regulations, legislation, policy and

- Stereotypes, prejudices and gender (or ethno-cultural) roles in media;

- Freedom of speech and hate speech in media in the context of minority

- Regional and local media v patterns of media construction of
minorities and "majorities";

- Role of media in promotion of minority rights: potentials and examples
of transformative discourse.

We support and encourage all other innovative proposals which go beyond
the framework of the offered topics, but which must nevertheless be
related to the general topic of relationship between media and minority

D. Language

Proposals of research papers should be written in English, Bosnian,
Croatian or Serbian.

E. Final articles

- The length of the final article should be between 7,000 and 9,000

- All papers before being published will undergo at least two rounds of
reviews (peer-review process) by the editorial team of the publication;

- Authors are expected to amend accepted papers in line with the
comments of the editorial team;

- The first version of the paper should be submitted by 30 May 2009 and
the final version of the paper should be delivered no later than 15
September 2009.

- The editorial team reserves the right not to publish articles that do
not meet the standards of scientific research.

F. stipends

- Selected authors will receive for their work a stipend of 1,000
British pounds (net).

- The stipend will be paid out to authors based on submitted final
versions of the papers, in line with a contract that will be signed
between Mediacentar Sarajevo and the individual authors.

- The stipend will be paid out only to authors whose papers are accepted
for publishing.

G. the application should contain:

- a proposal of the research paper (up to 1,000 words) in line with
specifications provided in section "a" (above);

- cv (with detailed contact information for two references)

- 2 examples of published papers relevant to this project (in english,
bosnian, croatian or serbian);

- a detailed list of publications and previous research projects.

note: incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

H. final date for submission of applications:

- All materials must be submitted by 30 March 2009;

- Please send your proposals to Mediacentar Sarajevo electronically to
the e-mail address: goran@media.ba with the e-mail subject: "Call for
contributions: Media and Minorities"

note: materials arriving after 30 march 2009 will not be taken into

I. project dynamics

- The proposal of the paper should be submitted by 30 March  2009;

- Selection of authors will be carried out by 10 April 2009;

- The first version of the paper should be submitted by 30  May 2009;

- The final version of the paper should be submitted by 15  September


- Please send your proposals and questions only by e-mail.

- Contact person:             
Goran TodoroviŽc
E-mail: goran@media.ba

- Organization:               
Kolodvorska 3, Sarajevo

ABOUT the project
This research is part of the project "Against the Margins" which
is implemented by Mediacentar Sarajevo with the financial support of the
Embassy of the United   Kingdom in Bosnia-Herzegovina.



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