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"When the Theory on Non-Discrimination and Activism Meet"

International component of the Summer School on Non-Discrimination,
Social Inclusion and European Citizenship as a part of the Ohrid Summer


The Institute for Social and Humanities Research "Euro-Balkan", Skopje
supported by the German Foreign Office-Embassy of Federal Republic of
Germany in Republic of Macedonia is announcing the INTERNATIONAL WINTER
COLLOQUIUM 2008 "When the Theory on Non-Discrimination and Activism
Meet", to be held from 26-30 November, 2008 in Ohrid, Macedonia. The
Colloquium will offer eminent lectures from the Balkan region,
insightful discussions, workshops on specific topics, and social and
cultural activities. 

The overall goal of the International Winter Colloquium 2008 is to
decrease acts of discrimination against culturally and socially
marginalized groups , LGBT persons and people with disabilities. The
Winter Colloquium 2008 will explore that neglected, but extremely
important, nexus between culture, the economy, human rights and human
development. While paying great attention to a rights discourse as a
significant instrument to formulate political and social grievances, the
colloquium will be structured around the recognition that the solution
to true equality is not simply in giving the same formal rights to those
who have been excluded. Special attention will be given to understanding
the social, economic, political and cultural context in which the social
exclusion and subordination of these groups of people take place,
especially where this marginalisation is exacerbated by extreme poverty
and ethnic status (Roma women and Roma LGBT people, and disabled people
belonging to marginalised ethnic groups), and the means to combat these
types of abject discrimination. The course will advocate for a social
inclusion approach to fighting discrimination in Macedonia and the
region, since it is the only proactive, human development approach to
social well-being that calls for more than the removal of legal and
formal barriers or risks to participating as valued, respected and
contributing members of Balkan societies.

The International Winter Colloquium will broadly cover the three
following topics: 1. Contemporary debates on Non-discrimination:
Perspectives of social inclusion;  2. Queer Activism and Theory in SEE:
The challenges of inclusion; and  3. Culture, difference and human

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Ivo Banac, Prof. Dr. Jelisaveta Blagojevic and
Prof. Dr. Mirjana Najcevska;
Working language of the colloquium will be English.

Eligibility: Postgraduate students, human rights activists and members
of socially and culturally marginalized groups from South-Eastern Europe
committed to the idea of social inclusion and actively seeking to
address problems related to implementation of human rights legislation,
discrimination and social exclusion in the Balkan societies. 

Application and selection process: Interested applicants will submit
their biographical information (CV and letter of motivation) through the
available application form The applications of most suitable candidates,
active in the field of human rights and non-discrimination, will be
carefully and objectively assessed and selected. 

Please find the application form on www.euba.org.mk or contact the
responsible person. Deadline for application submissions is  3rd
November 2008. Filled application to be sent to the e-mail:
ohridsummeruniversity@gmail.com .. Results from the selection process: 
10th November 2008

Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Katerina Kolozova
Project Coordinator: Jana Lozanoska L.LM

Contact person:  Jana Lozanoska 
Address: Blvd. Partizanski Odredi 63
1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Tel/Fax: +389 2 3075 570
Mobile: + 389 70 715 353
E-mail: jana.lozanoska@gmail.com 


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