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The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: Legal
Challenges and Opportunities (Regional or Minority Languages, No.5)

This publication considers the charter for Regional or Minority
Languages from a legal perspective. It illustrates the charter
ratification process in individual states, presents implementation case
studies for some states parties, assesses the influence of this
instrument on domestic law and the legal implications of non-compliance.
Some papers also explore more general issues surrounding the charter,
weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a broad interpretation of
the under¬takings of states parties and looking at the challenge of
adapting this instrument to a changing society.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6333-2 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   275 
Price:   28 Eur/ 42 USD 
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The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and the media
(Regional or Minority Languages, No.6) (08/09/2008)

This publication is based on a study that was prepared for the
Secretariat of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
to inform the future application of those provisions of the charter
relating to the media. At the charter secretariat it was felt that it
would be appropriate to make this study accessible to a wider audience,
in order to assist in the applica¬tion of these charter provisions. In
particular, it is hoped that this publica¬tion will be useful to
governments which have signed and ratified, or are considering signature
and ratification, of the charter, in order to better understand some of
its obligations; to public servants charged with the task of
implementing such obligations; to users of regional or minority
languages, and those non-governmental organisations which represent
them, in assessing the choice of obligations and the challenges of
imple¬mentation; and to a broader public interested in these issues, not
least media outlets themselves, which play no small part in the
successful imple¬mentation of charter obligations.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6431-5 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   106 
Price:   15 Eur/ 30 USD
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Electoral law (30/09/2008)

The European Commission for Democracy through Law, or Venice Commission,
is the Council of Europe’s advisory body on constitutional matters. It
gives legal opinions on the development and operation of democratic
institutions and constitutional law. The Venice Commission’s work is
aimed at upholding the three underlying principles of Europe’s
constitutional heritage: democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
Since its inception, the Venice Commission has been particularly active
in the field of elections, the cornerstone of democracy. This book is a
compilation of the main Venice Commission texts dealing in general terms
with elections and referendums. First come the reference documents: the
Code of Good Practice in Electoral Matters and the Code of Good Practice
on Referendums. These are followed by a judicious selection of general
studies on such fundamental topics as recurrent challenges and
problematic issues in electoral law in Europe, election systems, the
representation of national minorities on elected bodies – through the
application of general rules and specific measures – and a comparison of
the legal rules on referendums in European states. This book is intended
not only for election specialists (members of electoral commissions,
academics etc) but also for observers, politicians and, more generally,
any member of the electorate.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6424-7 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   314 
Price:   39 Eur/ 59 USD 
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