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Debate House Coordinator 
The Debate House is an initiative of IDEA, Media Monitoring Agency and
Policy Center for Roma and Minorities supported by Open Society
The Open Society Institute (OSI), a private operating and grant- making
foundation, aims to shape public policy to promote democratic
governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform. On a
local level, OSI implements a range of initiatives to support the rule
of law, education, public health, and independent media. At the same
time, OSI works to build alliances across borders and continents on
issues such as combating corruption and rights abuses.
OSI is one of the founding international partner organizations of the
Decade of Roma Inclusion (20052015 www.romadecade.org ), which is an
unprecedented political commitment by governments in Central and
Southeastern Europe to improve the socio-economic status and social
inclusion of Roma within a regional framework. The Decade focuses on the
priority areas of education, employment, health, and housing, and
commits governments to take into account the other core issues of
poverty, discrimination, and gender mainstreaming.
As part of the many initiatives undertaken to promote the Decade, OSI
would like to offer its support to establishment and development of a
Debate House in Bucharest, whose main mission will be to promote
informed and tolerant discussion and debate on the issues related to
majority and minority relations in Romania. The Debate House in
Bucharest is intended as a meeting place for young people and other
members of the public from both minority and majority populations which
will offer friendly environment for discussion and debate, exchange of
experiences, mutual understanding and learning. This initiative has been
developed by IDEA together with Media Monitoring Agency and the Policy
Center for Roma and Minorities.
Established in 1999, the International Debate Education Association, is
registered as an international NGO that supports debate, human rights
and civic education worldwide. Focusing on young people and their
communities. IDEA's mission is to promote mutual understanding and
democracy globally by supporting discussion and active citizenship
locally. IDEA believes that free and open discussion is essential to the
establishment and preservation of open, democratic societies. Through
debate  a powerful means of encouraging critical thinking, personal
expression and tolerance for the opinions of others - IDEA provides
students and teachers the opportunity to examine issues affecting their
lives and their communities. To this end, IDEA creates broad 
and inclusive debate clubs that encourage participation by all segments
of the population, including ethnic minorities, and establishes
independent, national debate associations to promote, organize, and
sustain debate activities in countries throughout the world.
IDEA is involved in promoting Decade of Roma Inclusion by:
 organizing events aimed at raising awareness of the issues related to
the plight of the Roma minority in Europe (e.g. public debates,
conferences, forums, etc.);
 developing skills and knowledge of Roma rights advocates through
trainings and development of resources; 
 supporting information sharing, discussion and debate on the Roma
rights issues on-line (www.idebate.org/roma). 
Media Monitoring Agency is a human rights organization which fights for
free communication in the public interest. 

The major issues that Media Monitoring Agency undertakes are: 

- promoting high media standards both by protecting the right to freedom
of expression and access to information;
- advocating for professionalism of the media  / developing good
governance policies;
- promoting  anti discrimination policies and minority rights;
- promoting the values of democracy 

Policy Center for Roma and Minorities is a foundation which has as main
objectives to analyse, develop and assist in the designing and
implementation of policies related to Roma and minorities, investing in
building up and strengthening regional, national and international
capacity of Human Resources from Roma communities and other minorities,
assist governmental and non-governmental bodies, institutions and
organizations in their Roma and minorities related activities, encourage
and steer public debate and social dialogue related to Roma and
minorities, facilitate cooperation and exchange of information among the
main stakeholders.

OSI is seeking a dynamic, motivated individual, committed to OSI's
mission, who will work as a full-time Coordinator for Debate House in

This person must be willing to work in Bucharest. The person will report
to Director of the OSI Network Debate Program and be required to
coordinate his or her activities with the Media Monitoring Agency and
the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities. It is expected that this
position will last for 12 months.
Primary Responsibilities Include:
- provide assistance in establishing of the Debate House
- organize events at the Debate House (e.g. public debates, conferences,
youth programs, etc.)
- promote the activities of the Debate House (through media, networking,
- coordinate training in debate for prospective trainers and
- supervise the development and translation of education materials into
* University degree 
* Demonstrated knowledge and experience in program coordination
* Excellent spoken and written Romanian and English communication skills
* Excellent inter-personal skills with the ability to communicate
* Excellent organizational skills
* Experience with event organizing
* Experience in conducting trainings and making presentations
* Experience with basic computer programs such as MS Office
Additional Qualifications:
* Specific knowledge of debate, critical thinking or related fields
* Experience teaching and writing educational curriculum
* Experience working with minority groups 
* Experience with event organizing
Salary:  Commensurate with experience.
The position is expected to be opened March  1st 2008
Please send your resume and a cover letter to rmoyo@sorosny.org and
v.nicolae@diplomacy.edu  before 10th of

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