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Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities -
Collected Texts (4th edition) (10/01/2008)

The protection of national minorities is a core issue for the Council of
Europe, and one of the major achievements in this field is the Framework
Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. The entry into
force of the Framework Convention on 1 February 1998 was indeed an event
of universal stature, for it is the first ever legally binding
multilateral instrument devoted to the protection of national minorities
in general. Its importance is widely acknowledged, and the number of
ratifications has grown rapidly. Simultaneously, an emphasis is being
placed on the implementation and on the efficient functioning of the
monitoring mechanism of the Framework Convention. This collection
provides all those interested in the protection of national minorities a
user-friendly compilation of the basic texts concerning the Framework
Convention. In addition to the Framework Convention and its explanatory
memorandum, the collection contains texts pertaining to the monitoring
mechanism in general and the Advisory Committee in particular. It
further provides the state of signatures and ratifications as well as
declarations and reservations. It also contains a list of State Reports
received and Opinions of the Advisory Committee adopted under both the
first and second cycles of monitoring.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6382-0 
Format:   A5 
No. of pages:   70 
Price:   13 Eur/ 20 USD 
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Victims - Support and assistance (2nd edition) (11/01/2008)

True justice depends not only on states' ability to prosecute the
perpetrators of a crime, but also on their capacity to restore the
situation of victims. For over fifty years, the Council of Europe has
contributed to building a common legal area based on the respect of
human rights, democracy and the rule of law. The fight against crime has
been at the heart of these efforts. Since the 1980s, the Council of
Europe has integrated the victims' perspective in its work in this field
and has produced and updated a set of legal instruments to assist states
in dealing with victims' needs. This publication brings together these
standards. It is intended to provide a handy, comprehensive reference

ISBN:   978-92-871-6377-6 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   262 
Price:   23 Eur/ 35 USD 
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Cyberterrorism - The use of the Internet for terrorist purposes

Cyberterrorism and the misuse of Internet for terrorist purposes
represents a serious threat, since many essential aspects of today’s
society are completely dependent upon the functioning of computer
systems and the Internet. Further to the adoption by the Council of
Europe of the Cybercrime Convention (2001) and the Convention on the
Prevention of Terrorism (2005), its Committee of Experts on Terrorism
(CODEXTER) has been studying this matter and surveying the situation in
member states to evaluate whether existing legal instruments are
sufficient to combat this emerging form of crime. This publication
contains an expert report prepared by the Max Planck Institute, which
evaluates the main problems that arise in the context of cyberterrorism
and provides recommendations, together with reports on the situation in
the member and observer states of the Council of Europe and the relevant
Council of Europe conventions.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6226-7 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   250 
Price:   28 Eur/ 42 USD
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Companion - A campaign guide about education and learning for change in
Diversity, Human Rights and Participation (24/05/2007)

This guide has been produced under the Council of Europe's Youth
Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights, and Participation “All Different-
All Equal”. The campaign provides an essential stimulus for common
action to promote diversity, participation and human rights. It seeks to
bring attention both to the issues themselves and the methods used to
address them. Such mobilisation is vital if we wish to establish strong
public awareness throughout Europe of these values. Racism, social
exclusion, disempowered minorities and deficient participation are
problems that can neither be solved overnight, nor by singular efforts.
These problems need sustained, long-term attention which focuses on
changing basic attitudes, redressing structural injustices, empowering
the socially excluded and enabling properly functioning democratic
societies. Education plays a key role in these pursuits and therefore
needs to be at the centre of this campaign, and beyond. This guide is
intended to support campaigners, activists and educators to advocate and
educate to reach these goals. The guide builds on the approaches and
methodologies of Compass - the manual on human rights education for
young people.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6176-5 
Format:   21 x 21 cm 
No. of pages:   80 
Price:   8 Eur/ 12 USD
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