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Traineeship with ENAR

ENAR is currently recruiting for a policy trainee

ENAR is convinced that traineeships give people the unique opportunity
during or after their studies to familiarise themselves with working in
a pan-European NGO at the heart of European Policy Making and to help
them decide the direction they would like to take in their future
career. ENAR endeavours to provide an optimum learning environment to
all of its trainees. The Traineeship will provide a practical insight
into the legal, policy and political work on race equality at European
level and the functioning of the European Union institutions.

ENAR strives for an ethnic and gender balance in its staff and to ensure
that opportunities offered are accessible to all regardless of
disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, race or ethnicity, religion
or belief. As ENAR is an anti-racism organisation and as such is
committed to building the next generation of leadership from ethnic and
religious minorities, people from groups which are affected by racial,
ethnic or religious discrimination are particularly encouraged to apply
for this post. Applications from candidates who are EU citizens and
non-EU citizens will be considered on an equal basis, so long as
applicants are legally entitled to undertake a traineeship in the
European Union.

ENAR very much regrets that we do not have the resources to offer any
remuneration; as such this traineeship position is unpaid. However,
requests for part-time or flexible working traineeships will be given
full consideration where the applicant demonstrates that this would
assist to overcome financial obstacles to undertaking a traineeship or
otherwise to increase the diversity of the background of our trainees.

Interested applicants should carefully read the guidelines for trainees 
and send their application before Monday 21st January 2008 to: Trainee
Applications, ENAR, 43 Rue de la Charite, 1210 Brussels, Belgium, or by
email to:

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