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Human Rights in International Law - Collected texts (3rd edition)

This book is a broad introduction to the wide-ranging subject of human
rights, comprising international declarations, charters, conventions and
protocols from the major international organisations working in the
human rights field at world and regional level. Included are texts from
the ILO, the United Nations, the World Conference on Human Rights, the
Council of Europe, the European Union, the Organisation of African
Unity, the Organisation of American States, the OSCE and the Arab
League. A large part of this selection of basic texts is made up of
binding legal instruments drawn up by international organisations since
1930. Together they will serve as an invaluable tool for lawyers,
legislators, diplomats, teachers and law students, as well as anyone
involved in the work of protecting human rights.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6281-6 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   679 
Price:   49 EUR/ 75 USD 
    + 10% postage  

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