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News Bulletin
All-Ukrainian Union of NGOs “Congress of Roma of Ukraine” 
(January 18, 2007)
Kyiv, Ukraine, December 19-20, 2006. 
Within the framework of the implementation of the “Complex Sectoral
Program on Roma socially-economically revival till 2006” a practical
workshop on Roma rights situation in Ukraine took place on December
19-20, 2006 in Kyiv with the assistance of Roma NGOs leaders. Three
principal issues were discussed during the meeting:
- the Program’s implementation summing-up;
- adoption of a new State Program conception; and
- completion of the State Program on Roma.
The participants also discussed issues related to Roma situation in
Ukraine in general, which is of a great concern and must be taken into
consideration by public authorities and the Ukrainian society. 
During the meeting all the participants concluded that the Program was
not adopted as the sate one according to the Ukrainian Government
resolution, so it did not acquire an obligatory status for all central,
regional and local public authorities and self-government bodies as
national statutory act, it did not have appropriate financial provision,
and practically it was of recommendation nature. There were no
implementation’s effective mechanisms provided, thus the instrument
transformed into the declaration of the state’s intentions, without any
organizational and financial resources. At the same time it is worth
saying that the Program was not also entered into the list of national
target programs, thus all Program measures were carrying out by the
appropriate state customers within the funds provided for other state
programs. In view of this, for example, the Ministry of Ukraine for
families, children and youth conducted employment campaign for Roma
minority representatives involving youth employment centre, ensured
social assistance within youth social services and its organization
departments only on general grounds together with young representatives
of other nationalities. 
Some measures in the framework of the Program on Roma social and
spiritual revival in Ukraine until 2006 were undertaken in Mykolaiv
region, Kharkiv region, Khirovohrad region, Volyn region, Kyiv region,
Donetsk region, Cherkasy region, Poltava region, Odesa region,
Dnipropetrovsk, and Sumy region. 
There were no funds provided from the state budget for the mentioned
above Program, therefore target funds were not allocated. Separate
regions used even their own funds in supporting the Program
implementation. For example, beginning from January 2003 the Target
Regional Program “Roma population” 2003-2006 is being implemented in
Zakarpattya region. It is financed from local budgets.
The workshop participants stated that not all the Ukrainian regions
managed to develop regional programs within the framework of the Program
realization, and not all the Roma NGOs contributed to this process.
As a result, the participants concluded that it is of prime importance
to develop appropriate, efficient statewide program on Roma minority in
Ukraine and budget allocations must be ensured for its realization.
The All-Ukrainian NGO “Congress of Roma of Ukraine” suggested the
1. To prolong the ‘Program on Roma socially-spiritually revival’
realization period till 2015.
2. To adopt a Draft Conception on new State Program “Roma of Ukraine”
and submit for consideration of the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine.
3. To continue requesting the Government for Ukraine’s accession to the
‘Decade of Roma inclusion in Europe 2005-2015’
4. To promote active work of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Congress of Roma of
Ukraine” and Roma NGOs in regions to ensure effective cooperation
between Roma civil society organizations, central and local public
5. To set up an intersectoral working group on development of the State
Program ‘Roma of Ukraine’. 

Pereyaslav-Hmelnitsky, Ukraine (Kyiv region), December 18, 2006
All-Ukrainian festival of Roma Art took place in Pereyaslav-Hmelnitsky
(Kyiv region) on December 18, 2006. It gathered together more than 10
amateur art groups and teams from all over Ukraine. There were such art
groups as “Romen” from Kyiv, “Chergen” from Chernihiv, “Ochi chernye”
(Black eyes) from Kharkiv, Roma choir “Chergenya” from Kyiv, “Amaro
Devis” from Kremenchuk and local Roma group “Bahtale terne”. 
Each of them had the opportunity to perform as well a possible and as a
result an audience was delighted with high performance mastery, Roma
energy and beauty, expressiveness and

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