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Original sender: Dietrich Fischer <102464.1110@compuserve.com>

at the European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU),
Stadtschlaining, Austria, Website www.epu.ac.at, Email
epu@epu.ac.at, Tel +43-3355-2498-515. Please share this with
anyone who may be interested! Thank you.


We wish to invite you to join a select group of 40 students from
around the world in an intensive course in peace and conflict
studies at the European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU)
in Stadtschlaining, Austria. All the courses are taught in
English, by leading specialists in their field from around the
world, including Johan Galtung, one of the founders of the
academic discipline of peace research and frequent mediator in
international conflicts. Studying with the founder of a new
academic discipline is a rare opportunity, like studying
psychology with Sigmund Freud.  EPU offers students a
well-rounded program covering Peace with Security, Development,
Freedom, Nature and Culture.

The Program, established in 1988 by Dr. Gerald Mader, Founder and
President of the Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict
Resolution, received the 1995 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

In addition to attending courses, students get to know each other
closely and conclude friendships for a lifetime. In spring of
2006, we had 42 students from 29 countries from five continents,
half from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Many former students
said that studying at EPU was the best time of their life. Peace
Studies are a highly interdisciplinary and growing academic
field. Students who have successfully completed our program are
well grounded in both theory and practice to face the challenges
of global conflict transformation. We are happy and proud that
many of our former students now have thriving careers in
international organizations, NGOs, business, universities, or
work with their governments.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Introduction to Peace Studies, Cross-Cultural
Communication, Peaceful Conflict Transformation, Human Rights,
International Law, Governance, Participation, the Global Economy,
Peacebuilding and Development, Safeguarding a Livable
Environment, Demilitarization, Nonviolence, Security, United
Nations Reform, Mediation, Peace Education, Peace and the Media,
Reconciliation after Violence, Peace and Deep Culture. In
addition, there are several academic excursions. For a more
detailed explanation of the program, a course calendar and a
catalogue with course descriptions, see www.epu.ac.at

Summer term 2007: 3 June - 25 August (Apply by 15 Jan.  2007)
Fall term 2007: 1 Oct. - 22 December (Apply by 15 March 2007)
Spring term 2008: 3 Feb. - 26 April  (Apply by 15 Sept. 2007)

LOCATION: Stadtschlaining is a beautiful, small and quiet
medieval town with an old castle hosting a peace museum, in the
foothills of the Alps, between Vienna and Graz, surrounded by
hiking trails, with a hot spring and spa nearby. Classrooms and
44 single rooms with private bath are located in a new building.

PEACE LIBRARY: next to the castle is a famous peace library with
25,000 books and many films, most of them in English.

WHO SHOULD APPLY: Students from any discipline interested in
peace and conflict resolution, young diplomats, government
officials, NGO members, teachers, journalists, lawyers, social
workers, officers, psychologists, and anyone interested in
solving conflicts by peaceful means. A first university degree
(bachelors or equivalent) is required, and preferably some
professional experience.

DEGREES: Those who successfully complete one trimester obtain a
Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies. Those who complete
three trimesters (Fall, Spring and Summer) and write a thesis
obtain a Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies, approved
by the Austrian Ministry of Education. Students can begin in any
of the three trimesters. The three trimesters need not be taken
in succession and can be spread over several years if preferred.

COSTS: Euro 2500 tuition + Euro 1400 room rent per trimester,
plus a Euro 700 fee for two thesis advisers for the Master of
Arts program, or 12'400 Euro for the entire MA program. Those who
pay in one installment pay a reduced fee of 11'500 Euro.  A few
highly competitive full scholarships are available for applicants
from focal countries of Austria's development cooperation, but
there are many more applicants than scholarships.  Some partial
scholarships are also available.  You can indicate with a
checkmark on the application form if you wish to apply for one
of those scholarships.  Self-payers or those who can pay a
partial amount have a higher chance of being accepted.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO APPLY: see www.epu.ac.at, and click
on "European University Center for Peace Studies", second on the
left. If you have further questions, please contact Anita Flasch,
EPU Administrative Assistant <epu@epu.ac.at>, Telephone
+43-3355-2498-515 (mornings). We will be happy to answer your
questions and help you.

EPU does not discriminate on the basis of (among others) gender,
race, class, age or national origin.

With best regards, Dietrich Fischer, Academic Director,

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