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Mercator Newsletter - n.26, July & August 2006

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>From January 2005 the Mercator Common Newsletter is a monthly
newsletter. This way you will be kept informed with more recent and
updated information.

Forthcoming Mercator Media Seminar: "Linguistic diversity and the media:
strategies and resources for language acquisition"

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Mercator Media Seminar: "Linguistic diversity and the media: strategies
and resources for language acquisition" 
Mercator Media - MM

Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff, Wales - 26 January 2007 - Language
learning and teaching are fundamental to efforts for the promotion of
regional and minority languages. The European Commission places great
emphasis on this field in its activities and its Action Plan for
Linguistic Diversity and Lifelong Learning sets a framework for specific
action by Member States. These include extending and improving language
learning and teaching across Europe and creating a better environment
for the acquisition of languages. In this context it is timely to assess
the current application of media to regional and minority language

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News November 2006 (links to the Mercator websites) 
Legislation news - ML
Basques, Catalans and Galicians in Spain will be able to address
complaints to the European Ombudsman in their own language

The European Parliament votes in favour of a report on multilingualism
but waters down many of its proposals

Campaigners continue to press for stronger legislation protecting Welsh
speaker's rights (Source: Eurolang)

The teaching of minority languages in Norway considered insufficient

Presented in Sardinia the project Nuraminis bilingua

The Balearic civil organisation Obra Cultural Balear will complain to
the European Parliament and the UNESCO against the trilingualism decree

Media news - MM
Free Welsh Office Software launched in Cardiff

Welsh-language daily newspaper company announces appointment of editor

Sami Macbeth wins first European Minority Film Festival in North

Omrop Fryslan TV on satellite

Education news - ME
Studytrip to Lithuania by Mercator-Education and Frisian Academy

Visit of Moldavians to Mercator-Education and the Frisian Academy,
Ljouwert, The Netherlands

Frisian, The Netherlands

Minority education in Latvia

New titles Mercator Library ME Mercator Newsletter no. 29, 2006

The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: A critical
commentary / Jean-Marie Woehrling – Strasbourg : Council of Europe
Publishing, 2005. – 301 p. – isbn 9287155712 – signature 100MLG286

The Rights of Minorities: A Commentary on the European Framework
Convention for the Protection of National Minorities / [ed. by] Marc
Weller. – Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. – 688 p. – isbn
019927858x – signature 100MLG285


Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at School in Europe /
Eurydice – Brussels: Eurydice, 2005. – 80 p. – isbn 9279005804 –
signature 100 Gsla163

Dual Language Education / Kathryn J. Lindholm-Leary - Repr. 2003 –
Clevedon [etc.]: Multilingual Matters, 2003. – 370 p. – isbn 1853595314
– signature 100Gbe170

Language Strategies for Bilingual Families : The One-Parent-One-Language
/ Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert – Clevedon [etc.]: Multilingual Matters, 2004.
– 220 p. – isbn 1853597147 – signature 100Gbe169

Imagining Multilingual Schools : Languages in Education and
Glocalization / [ed. by] Ofelia Garcia, Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Maria
E. Torres-Guzman. – Clevedon [etc.] : Multilingual Matters, 2006. -332
p. – isbn 1853598941 – 100Gbe168

Teachers, Human Rights and Diversity: educating citizens in
multicultural societies / [ed. by] Audrey Osler. – Stoke on Trent
[etc.]: Trentham Books, 2005. – 184 p. – isbn 101858563399 – signature


Linguistic Landscape: A new approach to multilingualism / [ed. by] Durk
Gorter. – Clevedon [etc.] : Multilingual Matters, 2006. – 89 p. – isbn
1853599166 – signature 100Gsb163


Saving languages: An introduction to language revitalization / Lenore
a.Grenoble and Lindsay J. Whaley – Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 2006. – 231 p. – isbn 100521016525 – signature 100Gsg215

Celtic languages

Rebuilding the Celtic Languages : Reversing Language Shift in the Celtic
Countries / [ed. Diarmuid O Neill; pref. Joshua Fishman]. – Talybont,
Ceredigion: Ylolfa, 2005. – 461 p. – isbn 0862437237 – signature

Roma language

>From the Margin to the Centre= Vom Rand in die Mitte: Cpaturing the
Perspectives of Young People from European Minority Groups = Jugendliche
von Minderheiten sagen ihre Meinung / [ed.] Christian Fridrich –
Klagenfurt : Drava Verlag, 2006. – 319 p. – isbn 103854354770 –


Forthcoming Conferences 

Intergovernmental Policy Forum: “The Common European Framework of
References for Languages (CEFR) and the Development of Language
Policies: Challenges and Responsibilities”
Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 6-8 February 2007
More information: www.coe.int/t/dg4/linguistic/cadre_EN.asp

11th International Conference on Minority Languages (ICML 11):
Multilingualism, Citizenship and the Future of Minority Languages:
Ideologies and practices of Linguistic Difference in Europe
Hungary, Pecs, 5-6 July 2007
More information: www.nytud.hu/icm11/


Mercator Legislation assumes responsibility for the misinformation
offered in the news "Existence of Macedonian language denied by Greek
authorities" included in the previous newsletter. It was stated that
"Bulgaria and Greece have not signed neither the European Charter for
Regional or Minority Languages nor the Framework Convention for the
Protection of National Minorities". Instead, it should only say that
"Bulgaria and Greece have not signed the European Charter for Regional
or Minority

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