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A. Verkhovsky. In search of compromise between "the Liberals" and "the
Orthodox" - http://religion.sova-center.ru/publications/194EF5E/885EDA0

Presentations by Hegumen Philaret Bulekov and Alexander Kyrlezhev at a
seminar on Evolution of Moral Principles and Human Rights in a
Multicultural Society in Strasbourg last November clarified the position
of the Russian Orthodox Church in arguments about the concept of human
rights. We can even suggest that the presentations, particularly A.
Kyrlezhevís, while they probably represented the authorsí personal
perspective, also helped to advance and further clarify the ROCís
concept of human rights.

Without reproducing their presentations available from our website, we
will proceed directly to critical remarks or, more precisely, to
questions and comments which arise from reading both texts.



Report of Galina Kozhevnikova. "Autumn Ė 2006: under the Kondopoga
Banner" - http://xeno.sova-center.ru/6BA2468/6BB4208/884A3C7

We publish this report in the continuation of a series of SOVA Centerís
seasonal analytical reviews started in the autumn of 2004. 


News from the SOVA Center
An attempted murder of an antifascist activist in Moscow - 

On December 22, 2006 about 5 p.m. in Moscow there was an attempt to
murder 20 year old Tigran M., an antifascist activist and one of the
creators of www.antifa.ru website. Somebody painted a swastika on a wall
and fastened a plate with an anti-Caucasian offensive inscription on a
central heating radiator near the Tigran's flat. The plate turned out to
be a mine. 

News from the SOVA Center

29 victims in the first decade of December, 2006 -

Skinhead violence has been stepping up in the beginning of December.
During the decade there were attacks in 6 Russian regions: Moscow, St.
Petersburg, the Krasnodar Territory, Yaroslavl, Cheboksary and
Vladivostok. The number of victims of these attacks in total is 29
people, including 2 people dead.


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