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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

14th December 2006

New information film on Community Action Programme 

A new, 10-minute audiovisual presentation of the Community Action
Programme has been published on the European Commission’s
anti-discrimination website. The video – available in English, French
and German – gives an overview of the aims and activities of the
programme over the last five years, and highlights some of the key
organisations that have played an active role.

See the presentation

Deadline approaches for journalists

The final day for submitting an entry to the ‘For Diversity. Against
Discrimination’ Journalist Award is the 31 December 2006. Any article
published in print or online media in 2006 is eligible for the awards,
which aim to recognise those who contribute to a better understanding of
the benefits of diversity and the fight against discrimination.

Winners will be selected for each of the 25 EU Member States. A European
jury will then select three EU-wide winners, who will attend a ceremony
in Brussels in spring 2007. Winners also receive a grant to travel to a
EU country of their choice. This year, there is a special category for
young journalists.

For further information

ERRC celebrates 10 year anniversary
The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is an international public
interest law organisation. In the 10 years since it was founded in 1996,
it has been dedicated to monitoring the situation of Roma in Europe and
providing legal defence to victims of human rights.

A recent publication, available both in print and online
(http://www.errc.org/cikk.php?cikk=2707), reflects on these 10 years of
experience and looks at future steps to be taken. It includes an
evaluation of the impact of the Centre, interviews with prominent Roma
rights activists and a historical review of Roma rights cases at the
European Court of Human Rights.

For further information 

Leaflet on European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

A new flyer
providing general information on the 2007 European Year of Equal
Opportunities for All is now available. It includes some statistics on
the current equality situation in the EU, and provides practical
information on the Year’s activities. In the coming weeks it will be
published in 22 EU languages, including Romanian and Bulgarian.
European Year of Equal Opportunities for All website

December Spotlight: Closing conference 

The closing conference of the Community Action Programme looked back
over five years of activities and forward to 2007 and beyond. Held in
Brussels on 27-28 November 2006, it brought together people from a wide
range of organisations that have helped to make the programme a

Read the Spotlight here

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