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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 
24th November 2006
The Racial Equality Directive: taking stock
The Racial Equality Directive (2000/43/EC -
has proved “a major step forward in the fight against racial
discrimination across the EU”, according to a new European Commission
communication published on 30 October 2006

The 2000 Directive broke new ground, applying to all people in the
European Union and going beyond the traditionally-covered field of
employment into new areas such healthcare, education and access to goods
and services, including accommodation.

The Racial Equality Directive required all EU countries to update or add
to their existing legislation. Based on information from Member States,
social partners and equality bodies, the Commission report notes the
progress, issues and difficulties in this process, and considers the
Directive’s wider impact.

One of the major consequences of the Directive was the creation or
further development of national equality bodies
Together with NGOs, the equality bodies tend to be the first point of
contact for victims making a complaint about discrimination. Statistics
show that the Directive is particularly successful in challenging
discrimination against Roma. 

The report also considers the role of social partners and NGOs, and
highlights examples where the possibility of ‘positive action’ has been
taken up. The Directive has not been fully transposed in every Member
State, and a lack of statistical data makes effective implementation and
enforcement even more difficult. 

As the report stresses, legislation is not enough. Further action, such
as next year’s European Year of Equal Opportunities for All, will be
instrumental in supporting the principles of equality and

Read the report

New on the anti-discrimination website

The Equality and non-discrimination annual report, new language versions
of the ‘Putting equality into practice’ brochure and key information
pages in 20 languages have all been added to the European Commission’s
anti-discrimination website -

The Equality and non-discrimination annual report
highlights the progress on implementing the 2000 Equality Directives and
also features a section on the forthcoming 2007 European Year of Equal
Opportunities for All. The publication is available in English.
Translations will follow in the 19 other official EU languages. 

‘Putting equality into practice’
takes a thematic approach to the Community Action Plan. The latest
edition includes features on legal advice, training schemes and
awareness raising. It is now available in all 20 EU languages to order
or download.

Detailed information on the Equality Directives, rights and obligations,
and work to combat discrimination has also been made accessible to a
wider audience thanks to translation, in all 20 EU languages, of key
information pages on the anti-discrimination site.

For further information

November Spotlight: Transnational projects 
This month’s Spotlight feature on the anti-discrimination website
highlights transnational projects that have been funded under the
Community Action Programme to combat discrimination.

Read the Spotlight here

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