MINELRES: CfA: Human Rights Litigation e-learning course, 14 February - 7 May 2007

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Dear Colleagues,

HREA will be offering a new distance learning course on human rights
litigation from 14 February - 7 May 2007. Application deadline for this
course is 1 January 2007.

You will find further details below.

Kind regards,

Frank Elbers
Distance Learning Programme, HREA

HREA Distance Learning Course 13E07:
(12 February - 5 May 2007)
Instructors: Margarita Ilieva and Krassimir Kanev

Full details at:  http://hrea.org/courses/13E.html
This distance learning course provides participants with knowledge of
the concept, types, venues and strategies of human rights litigation. It
focuses on strategic litigation and legal aid both internationally and
domestically, and explores a variety of strategies: issue or group
oriented litigation, community based services, legal clinics, NGO or law
firm resourced actions and others. Participants are familiarised with
court ordered structural relief, as well as with conventional
victim-centered legal remedies. Non-litigation strategies to maximise
the chances of winning cases and to ensure the effective enforcement of
decisions too are considered. The course places impact litigation in its
social and institutional context exploring issues of its legitimacy, as
well as the ethics and accountability of human rights lawyering. In the
last part it highlights litigation for the vindication of several groups
of substantive rights, including economic and social rights, freedom
from torture, equality and asylum. Participants will be provided with
examples from various jurisdictions in the world illustrating strategic
human rights litigation in practice.


Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) works in partnership with
education agencies, NGOs, governments and inter-governmental
organisations to implement training programmes for NGO staff, jurists,
teachers, and other professionals involved in human rights work. Current
and past partners include, inter alia, Amnesty International, Cairo
Institute for Human Rights Studies, Council of Europe, the Dutch
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, HURIDOCS, the Inter-American Institute for
Human Rights (IIDH), the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human
Rights, the Open Society Justice Initiative and UNESCO. HREA is
registered as a non-profit organisation in Morocco, the Netherlands and
the USA. More information on HREA can be found at:

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