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'The Legacy of EBLUL and the Future of Lesser Used Languages in the EU',
Dublin Conference 2006 

'The Legacy of EBLUL and the Future of Lesser Used Languages in the EU'
is the theme of EBLUL's conference to be held in Dublin from the 23rd to
25th November. The conference features key actors in the field of lesser
used languages with experts from the academic world, specialists from
the European Commission as well as a round table debate with MEPs. All
are welcome to what's set to be the main lesser used language event of
the year. Conference details below.

Sami Macbeth wins first European Minority Film Festival in North

The Sami version of Shakespeare's MacBeth won the first European
Minority Film Festival held at the weekend in Schleswig-Holstein. 

Unity in Diversity? European Parliament rejects Bernat Joan’s Report

In what is a setback for all European endangered and lesser used
languages, the European Parliament voted with a large majority against
nearly all the substantive measures on Bernat Joan’s Report today (15th

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