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For Diversity - Against Discrimination

Young Polish design student wins 'Breaking stereotypes' competition

Aleksandra Woldanska, a 21-year-old student at the Academy of Fine Arts
in Poznan, Poland has won the 'Breaking stereotypes' poster competition
with her striking black-and-white design of two figures embracing.

Ms Woldanska was invited to the award ceremony in Brussels on 19
October. She said: “I would like my poster to make everybody aware that
only by accepting others as they are can we create a dialogue among

Her entry was chosen from among almost 800 entries. Christian Küsters, a
member of the jury, said: “The strength of the design is that it
achieves something rare: it communicates far more on an emotional level
than on a visual... you ‘feel’ it more than you ‘see’ it.”

European Commissioner Vladimír Špidla presented the award of €5000,
shared between the winning student and her institution. He also opened
an exhibition of poster entries displayed outside the European
Commission’s Berlaymont building in Brussels. The headquarters also has
a huge banner promoting the ‘For Diversity. Against Discrimination’
information campaign.

The Commissioner said: “The aims of the competition were to challenge
and question prejudice, and to create dialogue, an exchange of ideas
with young people in Europe... The results are outstanding.”

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2007 European Year logo launched as final implementing bodies are

The logo for the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All has
been revealed. The design – three figures side-by-side with the EU flag
– is available in two different, vivid colour combinations, as well as
in black and white for print. The logo and the guidelines for its use
will soon be available for download from the Year’s website -

In total, 27 countries (the 25 EU Member States, Bulgaria and Romania)
have confirmed their participation in the 2007 European Year. In 26 of
the 27 countries, national implementing bodies have been appointed
(http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/equality2007/nb_en.htm). These
organisations, generally the ministry or government agency for equality
issues in each country, are responsible for the Year at national,
regional and local level. Contact your national implementing body to
find out more about the Year in your country.

2007 – European Year of Equal Opportunities for All website:

ENAR seminar evaluates potential of anti-discrimination law

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) held a policy seminar in
Brussels from 7 to 8 October 2006. The seminar, ‘From racism to
equality? Realising the potential of European anti-discrimination law’,
took stock of anti-discrimination legislation in Europe. In particular,
it looked at inconsistencies in the implementation of laws in different
European countries.

The seminar looked at issues that needed further attention, in
particular positive action, lack of data and multiple discrimination.
Among the speakers was legal expert Karon Monaghan, who highlighted
different approaches outside Europe, in particular in Canada and South

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Training manual in 23 languages

Our last mailing announced that a training manual from the EU-funded
project ‘Capacity building of civil society dealing with
anti-discrimination’ was available in 14 languages. It is in fact now
available in all official EU languages as well as Romanian, Bulgarian
and Turkish. Copies are available online
or as hard copies in limited numbers. To request hard copies, send an
email to the European Commission -

Download the training manual:

October Spotlight: Diversity in SMEs conference 

This month’s Spotlight feature on the anti-discrimination website looks
at the ‘Diversity in SMEs’ conference that was held in Limassol, Cyprus
from 29-30 September.

Read the Spotlight here

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