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Sofia City Court Refuses to Register Political Party OMO Ilinden ≠ Pirin

31 October 2006 | 09:39 | FOCUS News Agency

Sofia. The Sofia City Court refused to register the political party OMO
Ilinden ≠ Pirin, court officials said.

The motives say that the court has received a list of 530 founders but
according to an expertsí check-up the same people have filled in 116
founding declarations; 91 persons have not filled in the declarations by
themselves as the law stipulates.

There is no information about the number and makeup of the participants
in the constituent assembly, as well as declarations filled in by them.

OMO Ilinden ≠ Pirin filed an application for entering the organization
in the political party register. The application reads that it is issued
to the political party United Macedonian Organization Ilinden ≠ party
for economic development and population integration.

The membersí list is inexact and incomplete ≠ some names, personal
numbers and addresses are missing.

There is also no information about a quorum of at least 50 persons on
the Initiative Committee.

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