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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

Restored Multilingualism Report Set For Plenary Vote 

The Greens EFA group met yesterday to hammer out their plans and agree
on amendments as the Plenary vote draws near on MEP Bernat Joan’s
Multilingualism Report.  The Report was strongly represented by European
Parliament Vice-President, Gerard Onesta, who proposed Bernat Joan’s
amendments which largely restore the Report to its pre-Committee state,
along with the proposals which have already gone through for an EU
language plan and for collective language rights. 

Speaking to Eurolang after the meeting Mr Onesta said: "More than ever,
the defence of cultural diversity is the keystone to the construction of
Europe. It is not a mere decoration in any way, it is a key part of its
structure: if we withdraw from it's defence, everything collapses."

Eurolang is calling on all of our readers who support meaningful
linguistic diversity to support Bernat Joan's Report and the EFA /Green
amendments by e-mailing or phoning your MEP.  The vote is scheduled for
Tuesday 14th November at 12.00 at Strasbourg. 

List of MEPs http://www.europarl.europa.eu/members/public.do?language=en

Post Committee version of the Report, see A6-0372/2006 in 20 languages:

The agreed Greens / EFA amendments in full:

Calls upon the Council/Commission:

1. To establish a working group to be set up to work towards the
modification of the EU Treaty Arts 13, 139 and 141 so as to give a legal
base to the concept of 'respect for linguistic diversity' and the
protection of stateless and national minority languages.

2. To ensure that the new Agency for Fundamental Rights has an explicit
mandate to act in cases of discrimination on the grounds of language so
as to fulfil the criteria set out in the Charter for Fundamental Rights;

3. To ensure that the EU Ombudsman's role is extended to act over cases
of language based discrimination;

4. To ensure that the Ebner Report is implemented in full, part of which
called for the establishment of an Agency for Linguistic Diversity and/
or Multilingualism;

5. To ensure that NGOs such as EBLUL and the Mercator Centres continue
to be funded and that the most endangered languages receive project

Other news

South Tyrolean Parliament rejects abolition of fascist place names 

A parliamentary motion by the Union for South Tyrol (Union fur
Sudtirol-UFS) to abolish certain Italian place names in South Tyrol has
been rejected by the provincial parliament (Landtag) on Tuesday (7th

TG4, the Irish language TV channel, celebrates 10 years 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 

We thank you for your interest in Eurolang, the news service for 
minoritised languages.

Dr. Davyth A. Hicks

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