MINELRES: SOVA Center: Events on the Day of National Unity in Russia

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Sun Nov 12 09:37:28 2006

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News from the SOVA Center www.sova-center.ru 
November 7, 2006
Ultra-nationalists and anti-fascists have celebrated the Day of National
Unity - http://xeno.sova-center.ru/6BA2468/6BB41EE/83833AA
On 4 November 2006, rallies and marches took place in a number of
Russian cities to celebrate the Day of National Unity; these actions
were organized by right-wing radical groups under a collective name of
Russian March. To remind, overall coordination of these events
originally planned in 7 Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg,
Vladivostok, Syktyvkar, Chita, Irkutsk, and Volgograd), was performed by
activists of the Movement against Illegal Immigration

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