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ETC Human Rights & Democracy


The second edition of the
has been published.

The second, updated and enlarged edition of the Manual on Human Rights
Education entitled “Understanding Human Rights” has just been published.
The Manual has been elaborated by the European Training and Research
Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC) for the Human Security
Network (HSN) at the initiative of the Austrian Minister for Foreign
Affairs. The Manual can be used in different cultural settings by human
rights educators and learners who are looking for basic insight into and
understanding of human rights

Experts from Argentina, Austria, Canada, Greece, India, The Netherlands,
Mali, South Africa, Switzerland and the United States contributed to the
second edition of the Manual which was edited by Professor Wolfgang
Benedek from ETC Graz.

The Manual consists of an introduction and 13 modules on selected human
rights issues, which are presented through an innovative methodology,
starting with an Illustration Story and ending with Selected Activities
and sources for further information. The Manual also offers additional
resources such as an overview of important literature and internet
sources on human rights education as well as contact addresses of major
institutions and organisations in the field, a chapter on methodology
and a glossary.

The Manual, which has 410 pages is available from the publishing houses
Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, Vienna, E-Mail: office@nwv.at,
Intersentia (Antwerp) and the Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, but can
also be obtained through internet retailers like Amazon etc. at the
competitive price of ? 24,80.

The first edition has already been translated into 11 languages, among
them all the official United Nations languages. More information and
most of the language versions can be found on the website of the ETC at
www.etc-graz.at, which also contains additional resources to the manual
that are constantly further developed.

The editor welcomes feedback and comments to: office@etc-graz.at

Barbara Schmiedl
Head of the Training Section

European Training and Research Centre
for Human Rights and Democracy
Schubertstrasse 29/I
A-8010 Graz
T +43 316 322 888-23
F +43 316 322 888-4

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