MINELRES: Appeal of NGO Coalition of Georgia: robbery at PMMG office

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Fri Jun 23 21:40:26 2006

Original sender: NGO Coalition of Georgia <pmmg@caucasus.net>

Appeal of the Coalition "Civil Society for Democratic Georgia" 
to the public of Georgia, international organizations and 
diplomatic missions accredited in Georgia

On 7 June, approximately from 4 to 6 a.m. in the office of the Union
"Public Movement Multinational Georgia" happened burglary. Were forced
doors, stolen system computer blocks (cases) in which was kept the whole
organizational information, including project drafts, reports,
analytical materials and documentation (including passport and private
documentation of certain members of the organization). Other computer
equipment, modern techniques as well as money remained untouched. 

Events which took place during the last period, give us right to suppose
that thieves were not ordinary criminals and came to the office of
"Multinational Georgia" not for expensive computers. In this case they
would take other techniques as well which is more expensive. Was taken
away office documentation and such specific documents towards which
ordinary criminals never express interest. Given suspicion is
intensified by a fact that two months ago, in the midday, in front of
the office of "Multinational Georgia" were robbed cars of the head and
press-secretary of the organization, from was taken also number of
documents. Unfortunately, obviously cynical style of robbery points us
that happened accident was aimed not only at taking out certain
information from the office, but also at our frightening. 

It is no coincidence that during the last week members of the
organization were contacted by officials of different state structures
and were asked to represent various information. They we re especially
interested in the Shadow report on the situation of ethnic minorities'
living in Georgia, on which "Multinational Georgia" worked during the
latest period. This document was expected to be sent to United Nations
Organization and Council of Europe. Interest towards this project was
rather high, especially from the opposition. 

Coalition of non-governmental organizations "Civil Society for
Democratic Georgia" suspects that office of its member-organization
"Multinational Georgia" was robbed with the purpose of turning back
long-term work of our organization and blocking development of further

As we can see for government it is not convenient activization of
"Multinational Georgia" for the latest period in the frames of NGO
coalition "Civil Society for Democratic Georgia". It is important also
the fact that during the past period was noted increasing interest of
special services of Georgia towards activity of other organizations
being in coalition. They contact coalition member organizations and
without official request ask them to represent different kind of
information. Increased observation on the offices, as well as their
requests sometimes have rough forms. All abovementioned makes us
thinking that government starts struggle against the part of NGO sector
which is not undesirable for them and who are critical towards them.

After the Rose Revolution this practically the first fact of such a
rough pressing on NGO sector, when rob the office of and NGO in a
demonstrative way with the purpose of harming its activity. When in the
period of previous government such facts happened, former opposition
(now being in government) came forward and stood up by NGO sector.
Unfortunately, situation has changed. 

Passiveness of defending bodies towards mentioned fact practically is
equal to ignoring of the happened accident. We address defending bodies
to hold inquest in a proper manner. 

We ask support and react on the given fact of public of Georgia,
international organizations and diplomatic missions accredited in
Georgia. We hope that NGO secotr of Georgia, which was created as a
result of long-term assistance and support of Western states, and which
represents basis of democracy and civil society, won't stay without your
assistance and support this time again. 

Koba Bochorishvili - Center for Constitutional Rights Protection 

Nino Tsikhistavi - Women Network of Caucasus

Irina Putkaradze - "Healthy World"

Manana Kobakhidze - "Article 42 of the Constitution"

Khatuna Charkviani - "Judges' Association"

George Khutsishvili - International Center on Conflicts and Negotiations 

Nana Kakabadze - "Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights"

Zura Bitsadze - Youth Association of social sciences/student initiative

Alexi Shoshikashvili - Netowrk for Constitutional Rights Protection

Irma Inashvili - International Union of Journalists "Lens"

Zurab Burduli - Georgian Young Lawyers

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