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Holiday Weekend Attacks

Russian rightwing radicals celebrated June 12, 2006, an official holiday
known as Russia Day, with a number of attacks and meetings in different
Russian regions.

In Moscow, six skinheads crashed a cultural event organized by the Azeri
community in Lyublinsky Park, shouting Nazi slogans, defiling the
Azerbaijani flag, and provoking a fight with the Azeris, injuring at
least three. The instigators were detained by the police, but were
sentenced only to administrative fines.

A group of young antifascists was attacked on June 12 in Oryol. At
around 11 pm, as they walked home from a concert, they were attacked by
approximately 20 skinheads, who knocked them to the ground and began
beating them. At least five people, including one young woman, were
seriously injured. As they learned at the hospital, another young man
had asked for medical help that day after a skinhead assault.

On the night of June 13, in Kaliningrad, Central Asian migrant laborers
were attacked at their dormitories by drunk employees of a major local
security firm, who beat and robbed the seasonal workers. The
perpetrators were detained several hours after the break-in; as a
result, at least 10 people were seriously injured in the attack. One of
the detained security firm employees gave the following reason for his
actions: “Our guys were murdered in Chechnya, now we have to revenge on
all the blacks”. ("Black" is a common slur used for ethnic non-Russians
with dark skin).

SOVA Center for Information and Analysis, Moscow 


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