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'All Different All Equal' - European Youth Campaign 
UNITED E-NEWS 16-06-06


European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation
June 2006 - September 2007

10 years after the successful Council of Europe?s 'All different, All
equal' RAXI campaign (1995), the struggle against Racism, Antisemitism,
Xenophobia and Intolerance is still motivated and it still goes on!
For this reason, from June 2006 to September 2007, the Council of Europe
will run a new Campaign* for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation
based upon the same slogan, and invites all the relevant actors to get
involved, to participate and to promote it!

Campaign Information
Racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, homophobia, fascism, nationalism,
xenophobia, and all kinds of discrimination exist today, eventually in a
slightly changed shape from years ago but still threatening our society,
our peers, especially the young people belonging to minorities, to
migrant and refugees groups. We need to respond to these challenges!
One way is to campaign!

The Campaign preparation is a participatory and transparent process and
the main tool for it is the preparation website

WHY this campaign?
To encourage and enable young people to participate in building peaceful
societies based on diversity and inclusion, in a spirit of respect,
tolerance, and mutual understanding.

We need an anti-racist campaign, because it is inclusive of all groups
of young people hit by discrimination; we need a Human Rights campaign,
because it is based on the respect of human dignity and because it calls
on public authorities, the media and the population at large to stand up
for this respect; we need a Participation campaign because it promotes a
fair and just policy for and with young people as a result of social
co-production between civil society and public authority.

WHO is involved in the campaign?
- Civil society, both at European and national levels, in particular
non-governmental youth organisations and youth initiatives.
- National Governments and Local Authorities.
- National Campaign Committees (NCC) The NCCs (involving national NGOs,
authorities, institutions, media) are being set up in the 48 states that
adhere to the European Cultural Convention of the Council of Europe.
Their task is to develop and implement a national campaign programme in
co-operation with the Council of Europe. You can contact the NCC which
are already set-up for further information
- European Steering Group (ESG) The ESG** takes decisions at strategic
level and oversees the implementation of the Campaign.
- Secretariat*** Council of Europe Youth Directorate

Activities are undertaken at the local, national and international
level, bearing in mind that the bulk of activities will focus on
involving populations at the local level.

European-level activities (foreseen)
* Launching event in Strasbourg  (29 June 2006)
* European youth event 'All Different All Equal' Russia (21-25 September
2006, St Petersburg)
* Thematic meetings (symposia) on the issues of the Campaign, gathering
over 100 participants each:
- Diversity Youth Forum, 25-30 October 2006, Budapest
- Symposium on the practice of Inter-religious and Intercultural
dialogue in youth work, 28 February  4 March 2007, Budapest (dates to
be confirmed)
- Symposium on participation, democracy, good governance ands active
citizenship, May/June 2007, Benelux (dates and place to be confirmed)
* Human Rights Education Forum, Spring 2007, Budapest (dates to be
* Training courses (dates, themes and places still to be confirmed)
* Youth and Cultural Festivals
* Sports events
* Closing event / Evaluation Conference (November 2007)

National level activities - see http://alldifferent-allequal.info
* Launching events in co-operation with various National Campaign
* Various activities and events organised by the National Campaign
* Your organisation activities: contact the NCC in your country (see
list http://alldifferent-allequal.info/contact ) in case you want to
join the campaign, for possible national funding options etc.

Launching Event 28-30 June
The campaign will be officially launched in Strasbourg, on 29th of June,
during the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of
Europe, involving a ceremonial launch and a civil society launch with
cultural activities.

Around the launching event, a National Campaign Committees' meeting will
take place, from Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 June 2006.


* The campaign was suggested and endorsed by the Council of Europe
Summit of Heads of State and Government held in 2005 in Warsaw on May
16-17, with the purpose to define the Council?s future goals and
priorities in a new political mandate. A Youth Summit of the Council of
Europe was also held, parallel to the Summit of Council of Europe Heads
of State and Government, on Sunday 15 and Monday 16 May in the Polish
Parliament. The campaign was also supported by the 7th Conference of
European Ministers responsible for Youth (Budapest, 23-24 September

** The ESG comprises 8 members from the statutory bodies of the Council
of Europe (governments and NGOs), and - without the right of vote
representatives of the European Youth Forum, the Parliamentary Assembly
and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of
Europe, the European Commission, UNESCO, the United Nations High
Commissioner for Human Rights, the European Commission against Racism
and Intolerance (ECRI).

*** The Secretariat manages the planning, implementation and evaluation
of the Campaign according to the decisions of the Steering Group. It is
also in charge of the European-level activities and of the Communication
Strategy of the Campaign. It offers support to the NCC in their work.
The Secretariat is formed by staff members of the Council of Europe.

In case you (plan to) organise campaign activities in the frame of All
Different All Equal - please keep UNITED informed! The Calendar of
Internationalism will contain a special section with a List of
Activities for this Council of Europe Campaign.

We depend on YOUR help in 2006!

UNITED is not rich and has no stable income!
Though far most of the work at the UNITED secretariat is done voluntary
- still money is needed to keep the network functioning in 2006 and to
secure the cooperation and information flow throughout Europe.

Your donation is most welcome:
- in cash to UNITED Postbus 413 NL-1000 AK Amsterdam
- by bank (preferable) to:
UNITED, Postbus 413 NL-1000 AK Amsterdam
Account: IBAN NL77PSTB0002343715, BIC: PSTB NL2A - Bank: Postbank,
Postbus 1800, NL-1000 BV Amsterdam
(From NL: postbank 2343715)

UNITED is the pan-European network against nationalism, racism, fascism
and in support of migrants and refugees, supported by over 560
organisations in 46 European countries.
How to join the network: see http://www.unitedagainstracism.org 'joining
the network'

UNITED E-NEWS is an irregular email service to over 6300 organisations
and contact persons active in the working  fields: anti-racism, refugee
support, anti-fascism, against antisemitism, migration, minority issues,
intercultural youth work, against nationalism etc.

Regular postal mailings, containing publications such as Addressbook
Against Racism, Calendar of Internationalism, Campaign reports, Posters
etc. are sent to over 2200 European organisations.  If you also would
like to receive this mailing: see http://www.unitedagainstracism.org
'joining the network'

UNITED for Intercultural Action
European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of
migrants and refugees
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