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Globalization, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflicts in the Balkans and Its
Regional Context

organized by Forum for Ethnic Relations

Belgrade, September 28  30, 2006


We announce that the deadline for the pre-registration for the 2006 ASN
Conference is 30th of June 2006.

All panelists as well as non-panel participants are urged to
pre-register early. Please note that the Conference will be unable to
refund pre registries after June 30, 2006.

In addition to the geographical focus on the Balkans, priority topics of
the Conference include the theoretical and methodological framework for
the research and understanding of globalization, nationalism and ethnic
conflict; the development of national identity and the challenges of
globalization; Origins, elements and forms of expressing
ethno-nationalism at the end of 20th and the beginning of 21st century;
Anatomy and genesis of ethnic conflicts: national, regional and global
aspects; Political, religious and national extremism, violence and
terrorism; Globalization, ethnic conflicts and organized crime, with
special emphasis on illegal migrations; Conflict prevention and dealing
with conflict consequences; and Promotion and protection of human and
minority rights.

We also offer an opportunity for exhibiting and selling your
publications at the Conference event.

More details on the ASN Conference, Belgrade 2006, and Pre registration
Form can be downloaded at www.fer.org.yu 


Slobodan Boskovic
ASN CC Secretary

Forum for Ethnic Relations
Kraljice Natalije 45/VII, 
Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
Tel/fax: +381 11 361 66 54, +381 11 362 07

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