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No. 15 (8.6.2006)

Tens of Roma women were illegally sterilized in the Czech Republic

Also ombudsman Otakar Motejl is investigating this controversial praxis
from time of communistic regime. He probes stimulus of the Roma women
victims; who underwent involuntary sterilization. Some were done even in
September 2004.  Ombudsman has already got 87 similar complaints,
predominantly from Roma women. Some experts think that many cases were
not even documented.  Critics advert to the fact that gynecologic
methods are often motivated only by rooted prejudice toward Roma, who
are often deprived of the right for freedom of decision. Mr. Motejl
proposes change of medical legislation and compensation for victims of
sterilization that happened in between 1973-1991 when social workers
forced Roma women to sterilization under the auspice of that time
legislation. Even the Ministry of Health has done its own investigation
of this case. The ministry admits that sterilizations were not done
according to regulations and promised atonement. However, the Ministry
refused to offer compensations proposed by Mr. Motejl. Council of Europe
stated in its March's report that involuntary sterilizations of women
were being done in Slovakia and Hungary too.    
Source: www.rpa.sk

Flats hit tens of communities in Eastern Slovakia

Long-lasting rains caused flats in eastern Slovakia during last weekend.
Under the water were about 50 communities in regions of Presov and
Kosice. In region Oliejnikov u Sabinova up to 200 people had to be
evacuated from Roma settlement. Water demolished bridge near Presov. It
evoked landslips and flooded cellars and fields. There have not been any
losses of lives reported till now. Flats of the last weekend hit 80
communities in Presov region; another tens of communities have got
problem with the water in Kosice region. Police closed highway between
Presov and Kosice. Community Olejnikov u Sabinova had to leave 200
people from roma settlement. Flats did not cause any losses of lives. At
the evening, water started to slowly diminish in upper parts of rivers
in Presov region. Short after 6 p.m. level of the Torysa River of Presov
dropped down a bit. Here, is the region in the second flat stage of
Source: CTK,
Government should discuss report of 2005 about the situation of
minorities living in the Czech Republic

Measures and steps to improve living of national minorities in the Czech
Republic are included in report of 2005 hat should be discussed by the
Czech government in Wednesday. Comprehensive document, however, does not
really evaluate situation, state, and living conditions of particular
minorities. It rather enumerates particular projects and measures. The
most numerous minority living in the Czech Republic are Slovaks.
Allegedly, there is about 400 000 of them in the Czech Republic. Second
the most numerous minority is the Roma minority. According to
estimations, there is about 250 00 of Roma people living in the Czech
Source: CTK, www.romea.cz

Roma from the Novy Bor claim that police gratuitously bit them up

Roma from Novy Bor say that local police bit them up because they did
not have any ID with them. Policemen, however, deny such accusation.
They say that Roma attacked them. Prosecution is investigating the case.
There was a similar case being lately investigated by the Inspection of
Ministry of Interior in Hradec Kralove. At the beginning of May, local
policeman allegedly attacked and injured 22 years old man when
controlling his ID. Prosecutor has already accused him of abuse of power
as public agent. Young man had to go to doctor and search for medical
help after intervention of the policeman.
Source: www.romea.cz

She nearly jumped

Four fireman's cranes, two ambulances, and policeman cars; apartment
house in Ostrava surrounded by policemen and diverted transport - these
maneuvers caused 13 years old Tereza on Saturday evening. The aim was to
enforce love forbidden by her parents. She ran away from home on Friday.
Police started to search for her. On Saturday, she appeared on the roof
of 15 meters high apartment house in Ostrava and balanced on it edge.
Policeman tried to unsuccessfully persuade her to leave the roof for
hour and half. Then, professional police negotiator replaced him. He
tried to talk her out of jumping from the roof for another two hours.
"She fall in love with sixteen years old Roma boy, who belongs to
Vlachika Roma which is completely different Roma caste. That is why
parents did not want her to be with him. They told her that he would
leave her anyway. In addition, he will give her a hard time," said
Tereza's friend who watched what is happening from the street. After
exhausting four hours things changed very quickly. Police negotiator
finally persuaded her and shined up for her on the rope.  At that
moment, girl secured firemen from the other side of the roof. However,
it is not for sure that her parents will allow her to be together with
the boy after this action.
Source: AHA!

Concert of Roma and Jewish band

Unique concert of Roma and Jewish band will be held in Brno on 7. 6.
2006. Band  Gulo car and Letajici rabin (Flying rabbi) concerted
together on the Old City hall Square at half past seven. Concert was
organized by the Museum of Roma Culture located in Brno at the occasion
of 100 years since establishment of Jewish Museum in Prague.
Source: www.rpa.sk

Slovakia: Grants for canalization

Community Budince in Michalovce region got grant of 3.4 million crowns
for canalization building up and home purifiers from Slovakian Ministry
of Environment.  Building will start in July. It is assumed that
everything would be done in 4 months. Canalization and home purifiers
will be constructed in the whole community, therefore, even it the Roma
part. The community applied for grant many times, however, never
successfully until now. "We tried to get grant of 500 000 crowns from
the Office of Slovakian governmental commissioner for Roma community in
order to construct pathways in Roma settlements and reconstruction of
access roads. We did not get anything for shortage of financial means.
We also wanted to establish laundry house and hygienic center, but we
have not managed to enforce that, too. That even escalates my happiness
that there is at least something happening in our community. Also,
living conditions of people living here will be better," said provost of
the community.  There are about 210 citizens living in Budinice, out of
which 70 are of the Roma origin.
Source: www.rpa.sk

Town hall in Olomouc will support school located in part where many Roma

More than 250 000 crowns will be invested into primary school on the
Prichystalova Street, where number of pupils dramatically decreased
during the last two years. Pupils started to leave the school after
proportion of Roma pupils increased. Councilors, however, decided to
preserve the school even if there is low number of pupils. Management of
the school welcomed support of the town hall. "Working at this school is
different from working at any other school. After a house for dodgers
was build up in this part of the town, concentration of Roma children
has increased here. At the moment, we have got three children from the
majority at the school. Since September, we will have only Roma children
here," said leading teacher of the school, Ms. Hana Nemeckova, for the
CTK. Teachers have to solve completely different problems than teachers
from other schools. "These are problems with hygiene and communication
with parents who do not consider education as a priority," said the
Source: www.romea.cz
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