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Sat Jun 3 10:26:04 2006

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European Roma Grassroots Organisation (ERGO)

Dear All 

We launched our website www.ergonetwork.org and we will appreciate your
help and comments in transforming our website into an efficient
knowledge sharing platform for people and organisations interested in
Roma issues and especially Roma grassroots.

ERGO doesn't focus either on a limited and restricted community approach
or a project based approach, both which are widespread and far from
efficient as they increase a dangerous dependency and create a
client-provider relationship between funding organisations and Roma NGOs
and communities. ERGO focuses on Roma empowerment based on a strong
grassroots Roma movement. It is our belief that we need the majority of
Roma population to participate in a movement able to solve the Roma
issue. This is in the interest not just of Roma but also of the
majorities.  Transparency, winning team attitude and professionalism,
connecting with the European initiatives as well as influencing
mainstream attitudes towards Roma are some of the pillars of ERGO.

ERGO strongly promotes an inclusive approach and welcomes any interested
individuals and organisations to join us.

A number of articles are available on the website (see Hot issues and
European Employment Framework and Roma) and we are updating all the
other webpages.

Best Wishes

Valeriu Nicolae
Secretary General of European Roma Grassroots Organisation

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