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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

Csaba Tabajdi MEP: Minorities are better protected in the 10 new EU
Member States 

“Fighting for minority rights sometimes resembles the famous Don Quijote
fighting against the windmills. ...But we should not forget how far we
have come in the last 16 years since 1990“. Said President of the
Intergroup for Traditional National Minorities, Constitutional Regions
and Regional Languages, Mr Csaba Tabajdi MEP. He was addressing the
yearly FUEN congress on nationalities at the weekend in the Sorbian town
of Bautzen - Budysin.

FUEN adopts a new Charter for the autochthonous European national

At the weekend Members of the Federal Union of European Nationalities
(FUEN) adopted a new document relating to the rights of minorities in
Europe at their annual assembly hosted this year by the Sorbian
community in Bautzen – Budysin.

Belarusian language faces greater difficulties after election 

The Belarusian language is facing greater difficulties with the recent
presidential elections in Belarus worsening the situation for the
language. The only Belarusian language newspaper “Nasha Niva” was taken
off the subscription list at the beginning of 2006 and the Belarusian
radio programme “Tuzin Hitou” has also been taken off air, all because
Belarusian is considered an opposition language.

A first for Italy as Slovene enters Government 

For the first time a politician from the Slovenian minority has entered
the government of the Republic of Italy. Milos Budin, MP, a politician
from the Left Democrats party, has been appointed under-secretary of
state in charge of international trade and European Affairs. 

Teaching Welsh – the Basque way 

Teaching Welsh to adults is not as effective as it should be and a
revolution is needed if the language is to survive, a conference for
Welsh language teachers heard in Aberystwyth recently.  Only 1% of
possible learners follow Welsh courses. About 23,000 people – or  about
1% of the non-Welsh speaking population of Wales – attend Welsh courses,
although it is believed that about 30% are keen to learn the language.

Valencians lose free access to Catalan TV 

Debut for Scots Language at the United Nations, New York 

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Dr Davyth A. Hicks

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