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Dear Madam/ Sir, 
We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

New centre for Welsh language pre-school movement
Penygroes, 15/09/2005 von Dafydd Meirion 

A ?2.9m Welsh-medium integrated training and centre has recently opened
in the mid-Wales town of Aberystwyth. Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin, the
Welsh language nursery school movement, received funding from the Welsh
Assembly, the European Objective 1 programme, the Welsh Development
Agency and the local Ceredigion Council for the project.

Latvian state will not support national minority private schools
Riga, 14/09/2005 von Aleksandr Shegedin 

According to the Latvian Law on Education, central and local governments
only finance those private educational institutions which have courses
through the medium of the state language. Put simply, the Latvian state
only supports Latvian-medium private schools. Twenty Latvian MPs have
filed an action to the Constitutional Court, claiming that the situation
is unjust. They point out that all residents of Latvia pay taxes,
regardless of ethnic origin or mother language.

Patrick le Lay, chief of TF1, condemns France for Breton cultural
Brussel - Bruxelles, 13/09/2005 von Davyth Hicks 

On September 1st Patrick le Lay, the Breton chief of France’s main TV
channel TF1, hit the French headlines following a frank interview with
'Bretons' magazine. In the interview he denounces the French
government’s cultural genocide of the Breton people, jacobinist
centralist policies, and how in France he feels that he is a foreigner.

European Commission: less widely used languages prioritised in new
Socrates and Culture 2000 calls
Brussel / Bruxelles, 08/09/2005 von Davyth Hicks 

The European Commission launched new calls for proposals for two of its
programmes, Socrates and Culture 2000, over the summer prioritising
support for less widely used language projects

Frisians mark 50 years of cross-border cooperation
Auerk/Aurich, 29/08/2005 by Onno P. Falkena 

"It's about time we stop referring to ourselves as Dutch Frisians or
German Frisians. We are just Frisians, period. And we happen to live in
the Netherlands or in Germany.'' These words were spoken last Saturday
by Ingwer Nommensen, President of the Ynterfryske Rie (Interfrisian
Council), during a gathering to mark the 50th anniversary of the Frisian
Manifesto in Aurich, Germany.

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Davyth Hicks

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