MINELRES: Publication: Guidebook for ethnic Roma activists

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Sun Sep 18 16:37:54 2005

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CLUJ-NAPOCA - Resources Department for the ethnic Roma communities with
headquarters in Budapest has recently launched the translation into the
Romanian language of a guidebook for ethnic Roma activists "Cum sa iti
cunosti drepturile si sa lupti pentru ele" (How to know your rights and
to fight for them). 

The guidebook eyes to provide an instrument to the people involved in
the ethnic Roma movement, in order to face the daily challenges in the
fight for equal rights. 

The first part of the manual "Cum sa intelegem drepturile omului" (How
to understand the human rights) presents the basic notions connected to
the human rights issue and through examples and exercises, these are
exemplified with the problems faced by the ethnic Roma communities in
Europe. "Exercitarea si protejarea drepturilor" (Exercising and
protecting the rights), namely the second part of the guidebook, is
focused upon the abilities and activities that the activists and the
non-governmental organisations need in protecting the human

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