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To whom it may concen

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

My name is Natalia Sineaeva and I am working with the Civil Society Programme 
of the Tolerance and Non-discrimination Unit of OSCE ODIHR in Warsaw. Currently 
I am working with compiling of the database of practical initiatives realized 
by antiracist and antidiscrimination NGOs  - soon it will be posted to the web-
I would like to include activities of your organization to the database as well 
and I would like to ask you send me more information about your antiracist and 
human rights activities. Please find enclosed a form which I would advise you 
to fill and send it to me. Please choose one of your initiatives which you 
realized in the one of following areas: 
* monitoring of and reporting on hate crimes,
* tolerance education,
* training law enforcement officials,
* legislative assistance,
* civil society capacity building. 

You can find information about Tolerance and Non-discrimination Unit on the web-
site: ww.osce.org/odihr. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Thank you very much in advance,

Yours Sincerely,
Natalia Sineaeva

Practical Initiatives Template
Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Programme / 20thJuly 2005

Practical Initiatives to Combat Discrimination and Intolerance

Category (please select appropriate box)	
	Education on the Holocaust and on anti-Semitism
	Law Enforcement Programmes to Combat Hate Crimes
	Hate crime Monitoring/Data Collection Mechanisms
	Education Promoting Respect and Diversity
	Civil Society Capacity Building
	Inter-cultural/Inter-religious Dialogue
	Other (please specify)  

Title of the initiative	 
Summary of the initiative (please describe the initiative and attach any 
relevant documents) 	
Geographical scope (countries) 	 
Language used	 
Website for the initiative	 

Type of activity (e.g. awareness raising, training, education)	
Target group (e.g. government officials, teachers, law enforcement officers, 
Results/Lessons learned	 
Start and (if finished) end date	 

Implementing organization	 
Type of organization (e.g. NGO, specialized body, research institute)	
Contact person	
Contact Phone	
Contact Email	

Source of funding	 
Implementing partner	 

Submitted by (name)	 

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