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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

Frisians mark 50 years of cross-border cooperation
Auerk/Aurich, 29/08/2005 by Onno P. Falkena 

"It's about time we stop referring to ourselves as Dutch Frisians or
German Frisians. We are just Frisians, period. And we happen to live in
the Netherlands or in Germany.'' These words were spoken last Saturday
by Ingwer Nommensen, President of the Ynterfryske Rie (Interfrisian
Council), during a gathering to mark the 50th anniversary of the Frisian
Manifesto in Aurich, Germany.

Czech government makes apology to German anti-fascists
Biel/ Bienne, 25/08/2005 by Peter Josika 

Yesterday the Czech government officially announced an apology towards
German anti-fascists in Prague. The gesture only applies to people of
German ethnicity that supported the Czechoslovak state before and after
the Munich agreement of 1938. It contains a formal apology for their
mistreatment after the War and the implementation of a research and
information campaign. However, there will be no financial compensation
for any of the victims. 

Former Italian President tells South Tyroleans that they are not
Biel / Bienne, 17/08/2005 by Peter Josika 

The former President of Italy, Francesco Cossiga, currently on holidays
in South Tyrol, said in an interview, published by the province’s most
popular weekly magazine ‘ff’ last week, that South Tyroleans were
Germans but not Austrians.

Breton language policy launched in Wales
Felinheli, 03/08/2005 by Dafydd Meirion 

Today (3rd August) at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, the Breton
Regional Council launched its language policy for the Breton language.
At the meeting was Jean Pierre Thomin, a member of the Breton Regional
Council with responsibility for language policy. 

British government 'haven't got anything intelligent to say' on Cornish
autonomy says MP
Bruxelles / Brussel, 03/08/2005 by Davyth Hicks 

Despite a 50,000 strong petition, the support of all Cornish MPs, the
support of the Liberal-run Council and District Councils, and all the
evidence of economically and culturally successful autonomous regions
elsewhere in Europe, the British Government vowed two weeks ago that
Cornwall will never have its own Assembly. Now, the UK's rejection of
Cornish public opinion is resulting in increased support for an Assembly
or Parliament, and Cornish MP Andrew George tells Eurolang that the
British government "haven't got anything intelligent to say" on the

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