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Mercator Newsletter - No.16, August 2005


>From January 2005 the Mercator Common Newsletter is a monthly
newsletter. This way you will be kept informed with more recent and
updated information. 

Legislation News - ML 

Mercator Media to take part in Estonian conference - MM 
New titles Library - ME

4th Mercator International Symposium
Translation of Culture, Culture of Translation: Languages in Film,
Television and Literature
Aberyswyth, Wales
26 - 28 October 2005

Publications and projects 
Working Paper n. 19 and Bulletin 62 online - ML 
New Regional Dossiers - ME 
Voices from Buryatia - ME  

IV Mercator International Symposium
"Translation of Culture, Culture of Translation: Languages in Film,
Television and Literature"

Dates Announced for the 4th Mercator International Symposium

The 4th Mercator International Symposium will be held on 26, 27 and 28
October 2005 in Aberystwyth, Wales and will have the theme of
"Translation of Culture, Culture of Translation: Languages in Film,
Television and Literature".

Language transfer, which includes, for the purposes of this symposium,
subtitling and dubbing of both film and television as well as literary
translation, is a multi-faceted phenomenon from the point of view of
minority languages. It can be used to disseminate cultures which find
themselves outside the audiovisual and literary ‘mainstream’ and to
maximise audience or reader numbers for minority cultural products.
Moreover, translation into minority languages not only increases the
volume of available material in a marginalised language, but may have a
wider cultural impact and contribute to the development of the language
as a dynamic creative medium. On the other hand, the effect of
‘importing’ cultural references on a large scale may not always be
viewed positively.

This symposium will seek contributions to this discussion from those
active as practitioners and policy-makers in the audiovisual and
literary fields (producers, directors, broadcasters, subtitlers and
dubbers, scriptwriters, publishers, authors, translators) as well as
those concerned with these issues in an academic context. While the
emphasis will be on autochthonous minority languages (that is to say the
languages of groups long-established on their current territory and
using a language other than the primary official language of their state
or a language in some sense socially and/or politically marginalised)
connections may be made with issues of concern to smaller state
languages, migrant languages and cultural production originating from
beyond the metropolitan mainstream. We shall welcome contributions which
make those connections. Key areas of discussion will include (but need
not be limited to):

The politics of translation 
The effects of ‘global’ culture 
Cultural policy and translation 
Language transfer and cultural transfer 
Translation and language planning 
International partnerships 
Digital technology and the internet 
Sign languages in the audiovisual media 
Learners and fluent speakers as audiences/readers 
Children as audience/readers 
Registration closes 10 October 2005 and will be on a 'first come first
served' basis. Details at:

News August 2005 (links to the Mercator websites) 
Legislation news - Mercator-Linguistic Rights and Legislation
The new bipartite government in Galicia agrees upon measures to increase
the use of Galician [+] 
Behatokia presents its fourth annual report [+] 
Resolution of the seminar cultures in dialogue as regards minorities in
Europe [+] 
ADUM Project or how to get fundings to promote linguistic communities

Working Paper n.19 on Language Policy and the Sociolinguistic Situation
in Lithuania - Mercator-Linguistic Rights and Legislation- 
Moreover, the Mercator-Linguistic Rights and Legislation has published
its Bulletin 62 which are being translated into several languages. [+]
New Regional Dossiers - Mercator Education- Mercator-Education
Quite some new volumes in the Mercator Regional Dossiers Series will be
published until the end of 2005. First an update of the Regional Dossier
on Basque in education in Spain will appear. Dr. Nick Gardner wrote this
dossier in 2000 and updated it now (it is Mercator-Education’s policy to
update every dossier after five years). Furthermore a new dossier on
Catalan in education in France will be published in due course, a
dossier is written by Daniel Sanchez from the Council of Europe. [+] 
Projects: Voices from Buryatia- Mercator-Education 
In July, Tjeerd de Graaf, research fellow at the Frisian Academy,
presented the final report of a project carried out together with
Russian colleagues in the framework of the Voices from Tundra and Taiga
research programme. This joint programme is related to the study of
various minority languages in the Russian Federation. [+] 

Mercator Media to take part in Estonian conference - Mercator-Media  
Mercator Media is to be represented by George Jones at a conference on
‘Lesser Used Languages in Estonia and Europe’ to be held in Roosta,
Estonia on 30 September and 1 October 2005. [+] 
New titles Library - Mercator-Education  
Over Fries gesproken : Een onderzoek naar taalhouding en drietaligheid
bij pabo-studenten in Friesland / Jaantje Benedictus. – Groningen :
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 2005. – 72 p. – signature 100Fri316

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