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If you have any questions, contact the ENMISA Program Chair, Steve
Saideman. Email:  steve.saideman@mcgill.ca

45th Annual Convention, Montreal, Quebec, Canada March 17—20, 2004
Call for Paper and Panel Proposals


ENMISA Program Statement
For the ISA annual meeting in Montreal in 2004, the general theme of
hegemony and its discontents is particularly apt for the Ethnicity,
Nationalism and Migration section.  Scholars in our section have long
focused on the roles played by power and ideas in shaping relations
within, between, and among different groups.  The theme re-focuses our
attention on central questions for our section: how can ethnic groups
live in peace, with no one group dominating the rest; how do groups,
including those seeking their own country, gain greater control over
their own destinies without subjugating others; how do flows of peoples
influence existing power relations in both their destinations and their

The theme also focuses on re-considering how we think about our
subjects.  Which explanations tend to dominate discussions?  Which
approaches shape the debates?  Which methods are seen as better than
others?  By considering which modes of thought are hegemonic in our own
efforts, we can develop a better grasp of what we are understanding and
what we are missing.

We welcome panels and roundtables that:
Reflect on the state of the art of knowledge in ENMISA-related concerns.
Investigate the shortcomings of prevailing modes of research on
ethnicity, nationalism and migration.
Focus on the contribution of different schools of thought to our
understanding of these questions, and to the direct consideration of
why some approaches emerge and prevail while others do not.
Address the nature of hegemony and power within and among groups.
Study the sociology of scholarship in the fields of interest of our
Consider how the links between academic inquiry and policy-making may
shape which ideas get more attention
Deliberate the state of the art of teaching in the three main areas of
our section’s concerns.

Even though preference will be given to papers and panels that fit
within the program theme, please do not hesitate to submit proposals
that address topics that fit within the general focus of the ENMISA

ENMISA Selection Criteria
We strongly encourage the submission of complete panels.  We will, of
course, consider individual papers or semi-complete panels, but we urge
individuals to take the initiative to organize a complete panel.
Panels composed of individual paper submissions which we put together
usually cannot compare, in terms of their coherence, wit h the
increasing number of high quality complete panels submissions that we
have been receiving.

In order to help section members in the process of organizing panels,
ENMISA will be posting on our web site general subjects (e.g.,
diasporas) with the name and email address of an individual who is
interested in organizing a panel on that subject. If you have an
interest in a particular area, do not hesitate to contact either the
individual listed, one of the program chairs, or any member of the
Executive Committee for ideas on who might want to submit a paper or
serve as a discussant.  If you would like to post your idea for a panel
proposal on the web site, please contact Steve Saideman ().  You may
also consider submitting a Roundtable proposal, particularly when
including policy makers who might be unable to complete formal papers.
Roundtables are distinguished by their emphases on informal discussion
instead of the delivery of papers.

Submissions by ENMISA members will have priority.  Non-members are
encouraged, however, to submit proposals, as participation on panels is
open to all ISA members and nonmembers.
Submissions to more than one section are encouraged. This helps the
program chairs in arranging co-sponsorship of panels and allows us to
increase the section’s offerings at the conference.

Selection of papers, panels and roundtables are based on the following
• Relevance to program theme and topics listed above
• Coherence of the panel
• Quality, including complete information
• Panel composition (diverse set of actors, institutions, stages of
career, etc)
• Commitment to participation in the 2004 conference

Guidelines for Submitting Proposals
1) All proposals must be made using ISA submission forms (whether on
paper or electronically). Forms are available on the ISA Convention Web
2) Make sure that you indicate your preference for placement with the
ENMISA section. Then, you may also indicate a second section to which
your proposal could be forwarded. (This helps the Program Chairs
arrange co-sponsorships for panels.)
3) All proposals for papers, posters and panels should be submitted
directly to Steve Lamy and  Rob English, 2004 ISA Program Chairs,
School of International Relations, University of Southern California,
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0043, USA. Please use the paper or panel
proposals forms available on the ISA web-site, in the annual convention
program, or in ISP when submitting proposals. Members are urged to make
submissions via the World Wide Web through the .  E-mail submissions
may be made to .
4) Special scheduling requests must be made at the time of submission.
Overhead projectors will be supplied in most panel rooms. Any other
presentation aids must be arranged by the presenter(s) themselves at
their own expense.
5) Please note if you wish to have your proposal considered for a
poster presentation if it cannot be accommodated on a traditional panel.
6) If you wish to request ISA Travel Grant funding, you must apply
separately for those grants. The application can be found on the ISA
web page. Let the ENMISA Program Chair know if you or anyone on the
panel is requesting travel funding.

If you have any questions, contact the ENMISA Program Chair, Steve
Saideman. Email:  steve.saideman@mcgill.ca


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