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Turkmen-Uzbek Tension Easing, But Ethnic Minorities in Both Countries
Continue to Suffer

Kamol Kholmuradov

Turkmenistan's leader Saparmurat Niyazov recently proclaimed that his
nation enjoyed "good relations" with neighboring Uzbekistan, less than
six months after the Uzbek ambassador to Ashgabat was implicated in an
assassination attempt against the president. However, for ethnic Turkmen
in Uzbekistan, conditions continue to deteriorate. 

Examining Linguistic Trends in Central Asia

Mark Berniker 5/16/03

For Kremlin leaders during the Communist era, language was a key tool in
their efforts to forge a new Soviet identity. Russia was supposed to
unify the inhabitants of the ethnically and culturally diverse empire.
These days, language is again a central element of government policy in
post-Soviet states, only it's being used to separate rather than unify.


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