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Between the 3rd and the 16th of August 2003, the Transylvanian Committee
of the ACC is offering a Community College in the topic of future
perspectives of the Central-Eastern-European minorities in the context
of the EU enlargement. The programme developed in Transylvania, Romania
is going to be a showcase of the general strategy of the ACC, creating
more Community Colleges for an Open Europe.

The participants are young NGO-active Europeans aged between 18-25. They
belong both to majority and minority populations, being West -as well as

The two organizers went through a brand new common experience, that of
coordinating the project Youth 2002 (www.youth2002.org) in Denmark. 
Thereby they developed an additional dimension of the idea of a
Community College to be organized in Transylvania, which would
synthesize the conclusions of their recent work, consequently enrich the
contents and fit it to the actual context and specificity of the
slightly different target group. Correspondingly, we have decided that
the main priority will be to actively involve the participants by
creating the: Proposal on Minority Protection in a European
Constitution, to present the case of this ethnically mixed region and to
raise debate on specific questions relevant for Central- and Eastern
Europe, especially Transylvania, in the context of the EU-enlargement.
To provide more details, we enclose the short description of the

With this we would like to invite you to take part in the event,
representing your NGO. The language of the Community College is English.
Be prepared to orally present your organization and actively participate
in lectures and workshops offered during two weeks.  We would also like
you to make public among your colleagues the possibility of
participating in the Transylvania Community College 2003 (TCC).

Please confer the www.acc.eu.org for a program, a complete
project-description and application form (online application is
possible). The latter should be completed and sent to the above
mentioned snail mail and/or E-mail addresses of the project-coordinators
by May 30th 2003.

The project is already supported by the Youth Programme of European
Commission and by the East East Programme of the Soros Foundation. We
expect lodge, board and travel to be free, even though a small
participation fee may be necessary.

Through establishing a dialogue among various NGO representatives from
all over the continent, we hope not only to offer an analysis of
interethnic relations in Romania, but also to emphasize the importance
of lifelong learning and active citizenship in the old-new Europe by the
particular methodology of the boarding school format, that is the idea
of Community Colleges. This above-mentioned framework, we believe,
renders the Community College unique and extremely instructive for
developing the civil society in the region.

1. Age limit,
2. Eligible countries,
3. Language,
4. Online application.

1. Your lodge and board will be covered.
2. Your travel costs will be covered.
3. There will be two excursion days during the two weeks.
4. You can take part in the drafting process of a Proposal on Minority
Protection in a Common European Constitution.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Ágota Illyés and Barna Kovács
P.O. Box: 955
E-Mail: tcc@acc.eu.org


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