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Kinga Gal (ed), Minority Governance in Europe.
ISBN 963-9419-40-0


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Minority Governance in Europe is the first volume in the new ECMI/LGI
Series on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues. The Series is a joint
venture of the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI)and the Local
Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI).The ECMI/LGI
Series aims to provide a highly visible and accessible platform for ECMI
's cutting-edge studies. These multi-author works are the result of the
Centre 's cooperative research projects, often lasting a number of
years. While these projects were at times supported by conferences and
seminars, the resulting books attempt to present a coherent and
comprehensive picture of the area under investigation.

The majority of countries in the former Eastern bloc, in particular in
Central and Eastern Europe, feature multiethnic societies.
Decentralization and the transition to a free market environment have
made this characteristic of nation-states more visible and have raised
the claim for a proactive approach toward multiethnic community
management. The first step for countries that plan to solve ethnic
conflicts in a peaceful way is to draft legislation on individual and
collective minority rights. The second step is to implement these rules
and manage the public sector in accordance with the accepted principles.

The ECMI/LGI Series makes a significant contribution to the relevant
literature and research in this field by providing information and 'food
for thought ' for public officials and professionals as well as
practitioners concerned with emerging policy issues related to



Kinga Gal
Minority Governance on the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century

Part One
Minority Governance Concepts in Europe: Theory and Practice

Georg Brunner and Herbert Kupper
European Options of Autonomy: A Typology of Autonomy Models of Minority

B a l a z s V i zi
Minority Groups and Autonomy from an International Political Perspective

Gyula Csurgai
Geopolitical Aspects of the Minority Question in Central and South
Eastern Europe

F r a n c o i s V a i l l a n c o u r t a n d F r a n c o i s G r in
Minority Self-Governance in Economic Perspective

Part Two
Functioning Autonomies in Europe

K a r l R a i n er
The Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano -South Tyrol

Claus Neukirch
Autonomy and Conflict-Transformation:
The Gagauz Territorial Autonomy in the Republic of Moldova

Douglas Chalmers
Scotland Year Zero -From Words to Action

K r i s t i a n M y n t ti
The Sami Cultural Autonomies in the Nordic Countries 151

F e r e n c E i l e r a n d N o r a K o v a cs
Minority Self-Governments in Hungary

Part Three
Self-Government: A Framework for Conflict Settlement?

Farimah Daftary
Insular Autonomy: A New Approach to Conflict Resolution in Corsica?

Z s o l t G .P a t a ki
Overview of Proposals for Minority Self-Governments
of Hungarian Minorities in Central Europe

Tamas Korhecz
Chances for Ethnic Autonomy in Vojvodina: Analysis of the Latest
Autonomy Proposal of Hungarian Political Parties in Vojvodina

Marc Weller
Substantial Self-Administration for Kosovo:
>From Rambouillet to the Adoption of a Constitutional Framework Document

F l o r i a n B i e b er
Governing Post-War Bosnia-Herzegovina

Part Four


Peter Kovacs
Questions and Answers on Minority-Related Autonomy Issues
(Summary and Comments)

U l r i c h S c h n e c k e n er
Minority Governance between Self-Rule and Shared-Rule

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