MINELRES: Center for Legal Analyses-Kalligram Foundation's Update

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Tue Nov 26 13:03:52 2002

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Dear Friends and Colleagues: 
It is our pleasure to invite you to visit the updated website of the
Center for Legal Analyses-Kalligram Foundation (CLA) at www.cla.sk and
and read the new legal materials produced by the staff of the Center. 
CLA is an independent group of experts to analyze relevant legal
questions regarding minorities in Slovakia as well as the issues of the
European law and the Slovak legislation. CLA's mission is to provide a
solid foundation for a potential and necessary improvement of the
currently valid legal protection of the minorities and its
implementation, to strengthen legal consciousness of minorities, to
bring attention of the majority society to the minority issues as well
as to monitor and raise awareness on the impact of European law on the
Slovak legislation. 
Would you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Sincerely yours,
Balazs Jarabik
Senior Consultant
Center for Legal Analyses-Kalligram Foundation
CLA-Analysis: The History and Future of Positive Discrimination in
Slovakia (www.cla.sk)

This study discusses the practical and theoretical legal arguments
surrounding the  concept of positive discrimination (affirmative
action), and examines the possibilities of acceptance or refusal of
positive discrimination policies by the Constitutional Court of the
Slovak Republic. Although the legal questions are the dominant subject
of this report, authors highlight also the importance of extra-legal
factors which often influence the attitude of the courts towards
positive discrimination. They address the controversial historical
experiences with positive discrimination in Slovakia and touch upon the
current trends in Slovak political environment as well.       
CLA-Analysis: The comparative analyses of minority laws in CEE

The purpose of the analysis is to compare the legislation that various
Central European countries have enacted for the purpose of protecting
and promoting the interests of their ethnic minority populations, to
analyze their effectiveness and to suggest what future innovations might
entail. CLA-Kaligram looks at the constitutions and relevant laws in
Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the
Ukraine, and focus primarily on the structure of the bodies set up to
promote minority rights and on the laws governing minority education. 
CLA-Opinion: The Frowein Report (www.cla.sk)

The European Parliament discussed on September 21, 2002 the so-called
Frowein Report completed on September 12, 2002. This report including
the legal analysis of the Beneš Decrees and the criteria of the Czech
Republic's accession to the European Union. CLA-Kalligram has prepared a
short opinion about the report.